Monday, December 10, 2007

Notice that Dinesh never ever talks about Consciousness or Energy or God as Conscious Light

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The premises of modern science themselves are base...":
The tragedy is, is that this one-dimensional cardboard clown is taken so seriously and put forward as a "great" thinker. What are the fundamental bedrock presumptions of christian "metaphysics"?
That the Divine is wholly other or The Great Relation. Which leads to the world process altogether, being wholly "other" to human beings, and that we are all wholly "other" to each other and all other sentient beings.This is a fear saturated "metaphysics" which manifests as a fear saturated "culture". Which inevitably manifests as a "culture" armed to the teeth both at the domestic level and on the world stage altogether.
Also when the Divine is posited as wholly "other" it is only a matter of time before the Divine gets taken out of the picture altogether and replaced with an entirely human-centric "world"-view. This is exactly the process that the rise of scientism set in place and which has ended with the likes of Dinesh celebrating the "victory" of left-brained "reason" and a "universe" governed by left-brained laws of "order". Notice that Dinesh never ever talks about Consciousness or Energy or God as Conscious Light. Just the usual chilish mommy-daddy "creator" god nonsense. Never mind that the function and purpose of left brained "thinking" is always, in each and every moment, active dis-sociation from the Divine Reality, and also an attempt to control the Divine and reduce it (the Divine) to the slave of the same left-brained ego.
The "God" who is irreducibly separate from humankind is an idol, a false "God". Such a "God" is not the Real God Who Grants Life and Who IS Love-Bliss-Life.The realm of cosmic Nature that humankind may only observe and "know" is a mirage, a terrifying illusion, a lie. Such a world is not the world that is Alive as Real God, and that is not other than one's own life in Real God. Real God is not the Supreme "other", related to the body of Man like the sun is to the earth.
Cosmic Nature, or the world process, is not the Supreme "object", related to the modern anal--ytical mind like the ancient "God" was to the ancient religious mind. Real God and Cosmic nature Are a Single Paradox, incapable of existing as an Object, or "Other" to humankind. Humankind is inherently INVOLVED in the Paradox of the world-process. Humankind is inherently ONE with the Living Divine Presence of the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Reality. Posted by Anonymous to Evergreen Essays at 5:57 AM, December 10, 2007

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