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Schiller, Carlyle, Coleridge, and Charles Taylor

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Philosopher of the month: Immanuel Kant

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Victor Nuovo: Lucretius: Philosopher's view of the universe remains relevant today

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A Secular Age - Page 358
Charles TAYLOR, Charles Taylor. And the blue sky, and the mind of ... But as the work proceeds, it more and more appears that Schiller sees the stage of aesthetic unity as a higher stage, beyond moralism. It is an integral fulfillment, in which ...

Working with A Secular Age: Interdisciplinary Perspectives ... - Page 207
Florian Zemmin, ‎Colin Jager, ‎Guido Vanheeswijck - 2016 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Charles Taylor's Master Narrative Florian Zemmin, Colin Jager, Guido Vanheeswijck ... Friedrich Schiller, a romantic-era thinker whom Taylor cites a number of times in his book, made a similar distinction.

Schiller's Aesthetic Essays: Two Centuries of Criticism - Page 35
Lesley Sharpe - 1995 - ‎Preview
Schiller's Aesthetics outside the German-speaking World If Schiller's aesthetics were slow to find an audience inside Germany, ... Though Samuel Taylor Coleridge never alludes specifically to Schiller in his critical writings, there are striking ...

Schiller to Derrida: Idealism in Aesthetics - Page 92
Bearing in mind what Barrell says about the 'aesthetic of disorder' in Clare, and what, for example, a critic of post-Kantian ... Charles Hessey, Clare's publisher with John Taylor, wrote to Clare in 1824 that the great fault with the whole of them ...

Journeys to Selfhood: Hegel & Kierkegaard - Page 26
Hegel & Kierkegaard Mark C. Taylor ... Although Hegel presents important criticisms of Schiller's "aesthetic education" in his mature philosophy, his grasp of the nature of the modern predicament and the general structure of his proposed ...

Hegel and Aesthetics: An Anthology of Experience - Page 182
William Maker - 2000 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
... limited by the rigidity of his system, but we must also agree that Schiller's aesthetic state is fantastic and superficial. ... 46-58; in Charles Taylor'sHegel (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1975), 26-42; in Philip J. Kain's Schiller, Hegel, ...

Kant, Kantianism, and Idealism: The Origins of Continental ...
Thomas Nenon - 2014 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
4 PLAY AND IRONY: SCHILLER AND SCHLEGEL ON THE LIBERATING PROSPECTS OF AESTHETICS Daniel Dahlstrom Friedrich Schiller1 and Friedrich Schlegel2 are responsible for shaping muchof aesthetics, literature, and criticism for ...

The Metaphysical Foundations of Hegel's Aesthetics
Robert L. Wicks - 1986 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
Since Schiller tends not to distinguish between the notions of truth and goodness in his description of the ascent from the purely sensory realm to ... of the free play of the cognitive faculties are independent aspects within Kant's aesthetic theory, despite Kant's own views to the contrary. ... and Charles Taylor's Hegel (1975).

Idleness, Contemplation and the Aesthetic, 1750–1830 - Page 7
In this instance both Bentham and Schiller orientate their educational aims around the category of idle thought. ... William Cowper's The Task of 1784, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Frost at Midnight' of 1798 and 'Effusion xxxv' of 1795, and Mary ...

Sublimity: The Non-Rational and the Rational in the ... - Page 85
James Kirwan - 2014 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
The Non-Rational and the Rational in the History of Aesthetics James Kirwan ... of Belief: German Idealism Despite the importance of the sublime toSchiller, and despite his importance to the subsequent history of aesthetics—as attested to by ...

Jacques Ranciere and the Contemporary Scene: The ... - Page 205
Jean-Philippe Deranty, ‎Alison Ross - 2012 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
What one finds instead is an apparently disordered mix of various interventions on topics as distant from one another as Plato's Republic, the strikes of the taylor-workers (ouvriers-tailleurs) in the 18305, Schiller's aesthetic education, the ...