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Upadhyaya’s own proposals were a selective synthesis of Maritain and Roy’s

16 hours ago — Adya Shakti Maa Mirra by Mohan Mistry A beautiful Audio on The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry from album Dhyaan By Mohan Mistry.
21 hours ago — Publisher: Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram 2004. Description: xxii, 426p. ... Remainder of title, an introduction to the psychological thought of Sri Aurobindo.
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22 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo Society donated number of books for students of Multani Mal Modi College to celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and 75th ...
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16 hours ago — These are the four ways in which change can be brought about.” Sri Aurobindo, Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo's Teaching and Method of Practice, Chapter 9, ...
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23 hours ago — It is a kind of purification with the power of the mind. Suddhi is even more important in Sri Aurobindo's yoga because here it is not just finding a route ...
13 Results16 hours ago — ... Awareness Course on Intellectual Propert Rights, Bangala-Hindi Translation, Bee Keeping, Bhagawat Gita in the light of Sri Aurobindo, BIO ...
19 hours ago — “Speak Sanskrit the Easy Way”, published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, is an ideal primer for ... Shankara and Śri Satish Karandikar on weekends.
14 hours ago — It is needless to say that the meanings of many words in the mantras, assigned by Sri Aurobindo are quite different from those found in the commentary of ...
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[PDF] Sri Aurobindo's Integral Education

The Mother says," Education does not mean that learning is just for the sake of
earning money through one's life, although that too is a necessary objective, but the
education should indeed involve all parts of our being, physical, vital, mental, psychic …

[PDF] Who will Speak for the Pasmandaa Women?—Dalits, Women, Muslims, and the Politics of Representation

R Kazim - Journal of International Women's Studies, 2021
Abstract This article questions the deliberate omissions of disadvantaged Dalit
Muslim women, also known as Pasmandaa women, from feminist, Dalit, and
subaltern discourses. To understand the multiplicative nature of oppression and …

[PDF] “We are Working for a Caste-free India”: An Interview with MM Vinodini

B Zare - Journal of International Women's Studies, 2021
… The same dominant caste line of thought can be seen even in the states that are
not run by the BJP or Hindutva ideology. Take the rape and murder of a Hyderabad
doctor that occurred in December of 2019 when the perpetrators were then killed by …

Interview: Ghostly Presences and Hindutva 2.0: An Interview with Anustup Basu

M Banerjee - Political Theology, 2021
Professor Basu, it is my honor and privilege to conduct this interview with you at the
invitation of Political Theology. Your book is fantastic. It's incredibly timely. It's urgent.
You ask us to reconsider what you call Hindutva 2.0. The very first question that I …

[PDF] A Comparative Study of European Christian Democracy and Hindu Nationalism in India: The Birth of Hindu Democracy

N Mehta - Undergraduate Research, 2021
… John Abraham argues that Upadhyaya’s own proposals were a “selective
synthesis” of Maritain and Roy’s works, which were reframed in the “conceptual
vernacular of Vedanta” by drawing on a third stream of religious thought in the works …

Effects of two different physical education instructional models on creativity, attention and impulse control among primary school students

J Rodríguez-Negro, J Yanci - Educational Psychology, 2021
Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of two different physical
education intervention programmes on cognitive functions (ie creativity, attention
and impulse control) in primary education students. These dimensions were …

[HTML] Colonial India

J Watts, G White
Originally chartered as the" Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading
into the East-Indies",[5][6] the company rose to account for half of the world's trade
during the mid-1700s and early 1800s,[7] particularly in basic commodities including …

Imperial afterlives: citizenship and racial/caste fragility in Canada and India

A Parasram, N Mannathukkaren - Citizenship Studies, 2021
… The outreach to the Dalits by the Hindutva is superficial, as demonstrated by the
leadership of the BJP, the political party heading the movement, … secular projects
have failed to erase caste, it is not surprising that some Dalits would abandon them …
I have been thinking about ‘s statement that post independence history was put to use in ‘nation-building’. I think this is perhaps the first time anybody from Congress or Congress ideology has accepted this fact. I applaud Shashi for his candidness.
Essays on the Gita, U.S. Paperback Edition - Sri Aurobindo. A masterly exposition of the pre-eminent Hindu scripture. ..after reading these essays, President Wilson's daughter went to Sri Aurobindo and received the name Nishtha. #BhagavadGita #aurobindo
Invasion and colonialism are part of Indian history but understanding their deeper significance is important. Subjugation and suffering may not be palatable to democratic sentiment but Evolution has other plans and intention. Sri Aurobindo was awake to such unseen play of forces.
The name of Sri Aurobindo being misspelt is not uncommon but the govt takes the cake. The new site, however, is welcome [A greater psychology edited by A. S. Dalāl By: Ghoṣ, Arabinda, 1872 - 1950 Publisher: Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram 2004] #SriAurobindo

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