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Crystal doors of inner planes

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) Ghaziabad #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

Whereas Platonism is "henological' in the sense of inquiring as to what kinds of unit things are and what ways of being a unit there are, we may say that Aristotle is primarily interested not in this cardinal unity, but in the ordinal sense of determining what is *first*.

Dr. Soumitra Basu of Sri Aurobindo Society compares Foucault with Sri Aurobindo. Interesting.
The silence n the attacks  of  the leftists on Sri Aurobindo's vision of Nationalism is distasteful to me. Thapar, like Nandy n Chakraborty, has done the same thing from her left fort.
A historian must be balanced n impartial. Else it is fiction of the "rich" mind-- " apono monero madhuri mishya" (Tagore's phrase) meaning "mixing sweetness of my mind". The work of such a "Congress-Left historian" should be rechecked whatever maybe his/her awards n degrees!

In his book  @swapan55 Ji notes Nirad Chaudhuri as a thought leader of Indian right. Chaudhuri was a rape fantasizer, pervert misogynist, self proclaimed stooge of genocider Churchill & deeply racist antiBengal. All these make the Indian Right Wing

A review of Awakening Bharat Mata in the New Indian Express by ⁦@anirbanganguly⁩

We don't need such perverted, ignorant and twisted new frontiers of falsehood. Truth will and does stand on its own. Intellectual perverts like Peter Heehs are best ignored.

“The fundamental idea is that, in creating by “heating” & by repeated “emissions,” Prajāpati consumes himself & ends by becoming exhausted. The two key terms—tapas (ascetic ardor) & visṛj (emission)—have sexual connotations, for asceticism & sexuality are connected.”

Oh that’s only exposure to Sanskrit is through Sri Aurobindo’s Secret of the Veda..that symbolism and vocabulary I intuitively get but nothing else...thanks for responding..may the Devas/Devis favour your journeys.. an artist..such nuance and colour...such a detailed being must be the Divine 🤣 hence we aspire to surrender to Him...

So true
There is NO ONE like Sri Aurobindo.
Each of His literary expressions, from letters to epics, is like a complete & finely tuned harmony of Divine arrangenment. Greatest living demonstration of Divine Perfection.

Read Shri Aurobindo, how to interpret Hindu texts, everything can be false only Hymns of Rig-veda are true, everything that contradicts rig-veda is false.

The narrative terrain today is divided unequally between popular #Hindu resistance and institutional #Hinduphobic #hegemony
The victimhood industry works by a theoretical contrivance called ‘deconstruction’, which diligently reduces a culture or society by its ideological underpinnings- ‘patriarchy’, ‘Brahmanism’ or ‘normalization of heterosexuality’
Muslim attitude towards jihadi violence. This contradiction between seemingly irreconcilable moral attitude (condemning acts of terror& yet unquestioningly rationalizing all violence espoused by Quran)finds expression in political opinion of Islamic society

Great article. The moron libtards who think that their ilk own intellectualism are clearly blinkered for they will neither read nor comment on this scholarly view, choosing instead to live in their fragile and ignorant self congratulatory echo-chamber
Doctors have to renew their registrations regularly through life. They need to collect continuing medical education hours per year. Why the hell should old bags like this liar have a lifetime position without validating her CV?

The Mughal imperial system was of an ‘Islamicate’ character. It had enforced a broad political and cultural hegemony of Islam which granted Hindus limited room for cultural self-assertion

Illuminated Qutub Minar in all its glory : Sublime, Serene, Subtle, simple & looking gorgeous ! Congrats #ASI for lighting up heritage monuments & enabling evening viewing.

It fascinates me that while the character for "righteousness" or yì, which is thought to draw on formal training, had to change from the traditional Chinese 義 to the simplified Chinese 义, the character for "benevolence" or rén, thought to arise naturally, stayed the simple 仁.

"They had to preach secularism by projecting Hindus as hateful bigots, contributing to the fake intolerance debate the left-liberals in the country are trying to propagate for last few years."

There is DEEP connection between work of Thapar et al + cause that Girilal Jain et al had to struggle for. As new Ombudsman of Indian Education Firmament, you should know that. Choose battles, friends, enemies consciously. Mahabharata scorned the neutral

Sandhya ji you know best, since you yourself have been at the forefront of the struggle to articulate & establish this new narrative. I wish someday Girilal Jain et al get their real due in the regeneration of civilisational India while those who spited them will wither away
How these "emeritus" sniggered at the formidable Girilal Jain's opus "The Hindu  Phenomenon" & did all to kill it is another story... it will have a gigantic sound if recounted someday!!

Glad to know you approved of my father's book, but the two are unconnected. I prefaced my tweet with a statement about what I thought of Romilla Thapar's work.
While on the subject of Romilla Thapar @ARanganathan72 @vijayvaani a look at the govt's track record on academic excellence!!!
For all the talk, till now, the UGC/Aicte stranglehold remains

I often say that the core of liberalism is its conception of mind and scientific knowledge, this is nicely illustrated by how foreign religious beliefs are repackaged for a Western liberal audience: psychologized and given (alleged) scientific credentials.
You can take any set of religious beliefs and recast them in terms of their psychological and health benefits for the individual, while rejecting their ‘literal’ interpretation as ‘unscientific’, and then you have a liberal doppelgänger which can replace the original.

जातिगत आरक्षण से टूट रहा है देश - शान्त प्रकाश जाटव

The historical fact is that the British invented an “Indian caste system,” which is vastly different from the rooted conceptions of Varna, Kula & Jati. 
By Sandeep Balakrishna ji @dharmadispatch   
Do read:

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Asian historicism before Protestantism
A Buddhist argument against rebirth
Nussbaum’s revised view of anger
The importance of being Thich Quang Duc
Kant’s quantitative individualism
A Sellarsian solution for the self?
Ten years of Love of All Wisdom

Celebrities/politicians/businessmen using environmentally unfriendly Ganesha images are ushering in pollution not prosperity..... Ganesha is all about vanaspati, plants and its magical ability to nourish everyone....the image below is the most traditional form of Ganesh.

While asking for CV of Romila Thapar by JNU is foolish and reeks of deliberate attempt to insult, the people who idolise Thapar like God who cannot be questioned are speaking like bhakts. No one on earth is above criticism provided criticism is legitimate and scholarly.
I felt sick reading some tweets as if Thapar is God. Agreed she has formidable record but it doesn't mean another scholar cannot question, critique her work or her work is the final authority like some word of God and anything contrary is BS

It also reeks of entitlement and elitism considering the family she comes from. The minute you start treating her like some God you play into the BJP's hands. She is a formidable scholar but need not be blindly worshipped

Riveting intellectual debate featuring Catholics vs Anglicans on whether devil aka satan are real or symbolic.

My essay on language hegemony in India (Gujarati) - in Nireekshak:

Rakhigarhi genetic findings are going to be published on 5th Sep. Findings would be announced at a press conference at National museum, New Delhi on 5th evening by Dr Niraj Rai et al. The findings will be published in world's topmost Scientific Journal- 'Cell'. Momentous day!

Niraj Rai supports AIT in academic papers, though sings a different tune in public programs. If he is only saying that Rakhigarhi DNA is indigenous, no impact on AIT vs OIT, since alleged invasion came later. Need comparison of Rakhigarhi DNA w modern DNA of that area

In #writing human-centered #scifi, there's the need to balance an intimate and sympathetic portrayal of the characters with a universe full of crazy #scifi elements that those characters inhabit. For me plot doesn't come into it much because I'm a #pantser
It's easy to see the nerd appeal of #WH40k over #StarWars in this image comparing the armoured troopers of each universe. SW #stormtroopers are matinee mooks whose useless armour and lack of marksmanship is legendary. WH40k #adeptusastartes are grimdark overpowered superhumans
Strictly speaking I should have one twitter account for writing, one for animal rights, one for science, one for spirituality, one for politics, et cet era.  But it's too much of hassle, and anyway my scifi has to be the mythopoetic vehicle of all the others

Day 16: #30Days of posting cover of books I love on group think(1 book a day for 30 days)  #MyFavouriteGroupPsychBooks
Somewhat like a review or comment that I wrote many years ago
I don't know about rigidness of perspective but I have read them over a very many years. They are all different.

Because Thou Art: Scholarship and learning are means of detecting a wrong
Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar
Director SELF #SavitriEra Learning Forum
#SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Title and author in the tweet itself would be helpful; searchable later too. A line about the book can be still more interesting. One question, iydm: if one devours all these books, won't he suffer from a certain rigidness of perspective? What's your prescription to obviate that?
Savitri Era: Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo would have remained moribund without Heehs imbroglio
Tweets in original by @NathTusar President @SavitriEraParty
#SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Agree. Can only empathise with a mother's burden; but that's again somewhat empty, for we are worlds apart. You may however consider Sri Aurobindo for some future paper, if an occasion arises. Thanks.
While publishing the revised edition of Savitri in 1993, Sri Aurobindo Ashram also brought out a separate slim volume collating the old and new lines or passages. A similar compilation is needed for how much old history has been replaced by new findings published by RW journals.
While a day has so much of variety in terms of circadian rhythm and allied psychological rollercoaster that we ride, annual Merry-go-round of seasons seems to have no noticeable effect or causal factors in human functioning. This disconnect is surprising when even sea sees tides.

ARTIST TALK, 6th September 1930 hours, The Park, Bangalore:
I will be joining Avner Pariat and my dearest hell raiser friends from the India...

Modi's own image-building exercise has completely ruined India's image internationally! via @ndtv