Monday, November 12, 2007

The only laboratory for "spiritual change" is the cell itself

For those ready to change NOW., December 16, 2002 By Eilathan Satsapedes (falls church, va United States) - See all my reviews
An indeniable help in clarifying the so called "mystic" experience, the "enlighted experience. The mental of the cell brings the seeker back his/her sole reality: the body' the physical vessel of existence: the cell, that infatigable creator. the cell and it's primary "program" submited to a continuous, repetitive replication of itself in its struggle for survival.the cell imbecillitated by the force of Habit. the cell stubborn and blinded, unfolds its DNA in a way viable with the environment...from the cell to the borders of the universe: the same fabric. the same continuum, the same conscience. As a thread in the fabric, human intelligence, THE tool at hand for our specie to participate consciously into the process of evolution, the process of change. Satprem, as Mother's witness, relates her 50 years of experimenting inner conscious metamorphosis. The most sublime bath taken into the Here/Now.
For those who are willing to BE their own conscience and the universal conscience, meet with Mother and Mother's experiment. She will remind you that the only laboratory for what is seeked as "spiritual change" is the cell itself. The work is to be done at the physical level.It is the re-creation, the re-organization of the conglomerate matter that forms the body which will allow a "spiritual" change. Comment Permalink
Beyond Thinking, July 12, 2000 By Karla Jo Keller (San Francisco, CA USA) - See all my reviews
The Mind of the Cells, edited by Satprem, gives us a glimpse into the extrordinarily clear perception The Mother held in her waking life. Her notations give us passge into our own perceptions that we might question and learn from them, eventually to find ourselves as Universally SO as she did while recording these moments in time-beyond-time. I recommend this book for anyone concerned about dying. More, it is for those concerned about Living Consciously and making healthy transitions at every life stage. Satprem's commentaries are not as radiant as The Mother's own words, but his notes give the reader clear insight into her daily life in the World as Spirit living a Real Human life. This book makes an excellent gift for any Student of The Work. Comment Permalink 11:40 AM

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