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Tolstoy looks back on his life and considers it to be senseless and reprehensible failure

Leo Tolstoy Talks About the Philosophy of Death
Posted by EditorsChoice Wednesday, 03 October 2007
The article is based on the work of John Kearney Introduction to Philosophy called Death. I have chosen to write on the work of Leo Tolstoy “My Confession”. Tolstoy looks back on his life and considers it to be senseless and reprehensible failure. His work lets us take a look inside his thinking as he starts changing his ideas, and his basic opinion concerning the Philosophy of Death.
Leo Tolstoy starts his story telling us about traveler who is out on the plain and he is caught up with a wild beast. The traveler has no way to save his life. If he falls to the bottom of a well where there is no water, the “dragon of death” will swallow him up. If he gets out of the well which has no water, the wild beast will rip him to pieces. Clinging to the branch of a wild bush which grows near the well will for some time save him from the dragon of death. But then he sees the mice, one of them is white and symbolizes the day, the other one is black and symbolizes the night, it is nibble at the “twig of life”.
This story about the traveler means that we can not run away from death, it will find us anywhere. It is also the same to those who have got to know that he or she is seriously ill and can die because of this illness. They feel how the time quickly goes by and how the clock is ticking more clearly than the others. However the loud ticking in our ears, should not divert us from understanding that the journey goes on; still winds itself along the road of our existence; however inconvenient at times, toward that point called death of everlasting life.
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