Monday, October 29, 2007

Daya Krishna was a trailblazer in juxtaposing Indian and Western philosophies

The Hindu National Eminent thinker Daya Krishna passes away
Even two decades after his retirement, philosophers flocked to his residence
JAIPUR: Eminent thinker and former pro Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan University Daya Krishna died on Friday. He was 84. Author and philosopher of high repute, Professor Krishna was a trailblazer in juxtaposing Indian and Western philosophies and opening up new vistas of thought.
Professor Krishna gave a new direction as the head, Department of Philosophy, Rajasthan University and continued his intellectual pursuits till the last.
Professor Krishna, who edited the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research for over three decades, was among his students at the time of death at his C-Scheme residence here. He leaves two daughters. His wife Francine, who was Reader in English in the Rajasthan University, died about eight years ago.
As editor of JICPR, Professor Krishna introduced variety and freshness in the journal making it participatory. He raised fundamental questions on classical texts and carried out a series of dialogue between the Indian and Western approaches to philosophy.
“He was a person without complexes. Very open-minded, critical and always looking for new ideas. We were looking for a publisher for his work on the Rig Veda when he died,” said his colleague, Professor Rajendra Swaroop Bhatnagar.
Professor Krishna was working on an unfinished manuscript on mathematics lately. Even two decades after his retirement, philosophers, researchers and students from within the country and abroad continued to flock to his residence.
Professor Krishna has authored more than a dozen books including, “The Nature of Philosophy”, “Contemporary Philosophical Problem: Some Classical Indian Perspectives”, “Indian Philosophy: A Counter Perspective” and, more recently, “Bharatiya Evam Paschatya Darshaniya Paramparaein” (The traditions of Indian and Western philosophies). Special Correspondent

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