Sunday, October 21, 2007

Husserl has solved one half of the problem

From: rimina mohapatra Date: 23-Aug-2007 21:10 Subject: Wednesday Seminar: September 5, 2007 To:
My paper is titled:
'Confronting the Problem of Correspondence in Edmund Husserl's Idea of Phenomenology'
The two central problems of knowledge that Husserl deals with in the Idea of Phenomenology — that of transcendence and of correspondence — can be fundamentally restated in terms of the distinction between the two types of immanence and transcendence. Further, this mode of distinction has a role to play in retaining the two discrete types of problem with knowledge. As long as Husserl retains the distinction between the two [which in fact has helped him solve one half of the problem: that of transcendence], the problem of correspondence seems, on the face, persistently unresolved and also resolute. How do the two problems relate? The solution to one is entwined with the intractable problem of the other. Rimina Mohapatra

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