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Sense of participatory citizenship is priceless

The Fractal Organization: Creating Enterprises of Tomorrow
N Joseph - South Asian Journal of Management, 2019
… larger scales. The author introduces fractal based systems thinking for organizational change and development by combining fractal science from Mandelbrot and physical-vital- mental orientations from Sri Aurobindo. Fractals …

[PDF] Happiness explained by the ancient Hindu Scriptures and the temporal nonlocality in Quantum Entanglement
J Paul - 2019
… any sort. - Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.14 According to Sri Aurobindo, happiness is the natural state of humanity, as he mentions in his book 'The Life Divine', he informs about it as delight of existence. Srimad Bhagavad …

[PDF] Cinema and the Evolutionary Emotional-Aesthetics of Sri Aurobindo
MA Kaplan
Sri Aurobindo was an Indian philosopher, yogi, poet and one of the first integral theorists, having developed an integrated system of Yoga called Integral Yoga (1993). One of Aurobindo's contributions to integral theory was its application to the …

The Global Rise of the Far Right
… tni), Netherlands Sayaka Funada-Classen, Japan Shuji Hisano, Kyoto
University, Japan Koichi Ikegami, Kinki Universit, Japan Alexander Nikulin, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public …

Assorted tweets:

There's an unstated fantasy about the West. This fantasy juxtaposes "5000-yr backward, caste-ridden India" vs the West as some egalitarian heaven. We forget that the West had chattel slavery till the 19th century and, mostly, women could vote and own property only in the 20th.
In practically every epoch of human history, India has been more egalitarian, wealthier, with more diversity and acceptance than the West. All the qualities of the West we see now, even physical cleanliness of cities, is barely 100-150 years old. 2/n
The narrative of internalized Western supremacy is an artifact of colonialism. Colonialism of *our* minds, and *their* colonial loot, slavery and appropriation of native lands and resources as the basis of their economic progress.
A reminder that Australia was settled by White criminals who started off by killing, raping and destroying the indigenous peoples. #ChristianMorality #SAvsAUS
Till the 60s Australia classified native people under "flora and fauna"—as animals, not human. Now missionaries in India claim they are here to "save" tribal people. #SAvsAUS #AUSvsSA
Till the 20th century, the West was still keeping human beings in zoos, just as native people up till 1970s in Australia were legally "animals." Now their trained Indian sepoys parrot how "Brahmanism" oppressed tribal people (for missionaries to "save") 🙄
Christian history is one of slavery, subjugation and genocide. Till 20th century, Australian Christians classified aborigines as animals.
Per Indian “liberals”, missionaries come to “save” “tribals” & “Dalits.” Strange they’ve never saved anyone else

But more than just benefits of economy, tech education etc, what Indians benefitted from, which is quite priceless, is the sense of participatory citizenship. In spite of the Brits *not* allowing full citizenship to Indian hoi polloi, the intro to the concept was change enough.
Ambedkar speaks at length about it. Of course some Indians will inevitably say that Indians already had it since Mahabharata or something (bloody typical!)...
The fact is we were, and to an extent still are, a socially challenged people. Paper-thin social contract. Airy-fairy rule of law. Ekeing out an existence based on extended familial/caste/biradari networks, or in places purely tribal codes of behaviour.
I used to think it didn’t but I’m increasingly of the view that India’s interaction with British colonialism was far more beneficial than we give it credit for. Almost necessary for Indian social reform & economic revival, even though the initial period was quite extractive.
Not a people who could have innovated a sense of citizenship naturally. We had to borrow it and that is what we did. Quite consciously. It is to Indians’ credit that they didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

History of cow protection in india
Fantastic, must-read article by @entropied

Many years ago, I walked in Pandharpur Wari all the way from Akkalkot. Million of people walk 100s of KMs to go see the beauty of Vitthoba and Rukumayi. It is a frenzy, the likes of which can be experienced only by taking part in it

"Women Of Pride", by Lakshmi Vishwanathan
Ordered this - really looking forward to it!
"studies, in depth, the devadasi tradition and its transformation into a living cultural phenomenon in the context of Hindu tradition. h/t @by2kaafi
#books #Hinduism

Best translation of 'vairAgya' is given by Sri Bannanje Govindacharya. He terms it 'detached attachment'. So someone having no money is not vairagya but a very rich person not affected by wealth is indeed vairagya. Chaturmasya vrata develops sankalpa ability (control) of manas.

"Re-imagining" and "mythology" - exactly what the Leftist and Left-leaning history writers used to do! In fact some of them insisted that history was not to be telling truth about the past - it was justifying the past to suit the requirements of the historian's ideology!

The Hindu Charter demands equal constitutional rights to Hindus on par with the rest of the communities. Watch this video where the speaker discusses why Articles 26-30 need to be amended to ensure equality for all.
Sign now:

Mahābhārata – Episode 74 – The Invincible Bhīṣma

Every Hindu child must be made to MEMORIZE the verses in Mudrarakshasa that bring out Chanakya's character so powerfully. These childhood lessons will act as a great bulwark against any challenges in life.
--- Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch

My theory is that Sleeping Beauty (1959) is the most beautiful animated film ever created and to support my argument I've brought along these images.
The conceptual work alone is worth the price of admission. Eyvind Earle was a master.
Basically every Disney movie from 1939 to 1969 was a beautifully artistic masterpiece. So here’s my proof to back me up.

"Man to his earth drawn always prefers his nethermost promptings,
Man, devouring, devoured who is slayer & slain through the ages
Since by the beast he soars held & exceeds not that pedestal’s measure.." #Illion_BookVII #SriAurobindo #WorldPopulationDay (Art: John Pitre)

@Auro_Mere @mirra21_mala @DhruvalKhurana Yesterday late in the night remembered a line of #Savitri by #SriAurobindo ..
To heal with her feet the aching throb of life.
Had faint memories of devotees praying to the Mother to press with her 🦶their chest , literally! May kindly confirm!

Please request @M_Lekhi to check the documents for the land surrounded by Sri Aurobindo Marg, Sarvodaya Enclave, Kalu Serai & Mother's International School. An ashram has been occupying the land for ages.

Modi govt is perceived to have developed serious doubts on the legitimacy of Hindutva. This is a welcome development and vindicates our stand. Gandhi, I think, is only a temporary phase; a red herring for attracting support from diverse quarters. Ultimate anchor is Sri Aurobindo.
RW was about ideology: a curios combination of Market & Mythology. Now it's marketing: soliciting donations, selling books, endorsing resorts, seeking conference sponsorships, LitFests. Left survived by exactly this strategy. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
VIP VAK: It's a wrong move to punish Peter Heehs @NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Plasim Radar

Message of the Future (HH 106) - What does the future has in store for us? Certain events in our recent times may well indicate to us the working of the New Consciousness and the coming ...

- In-der-Blog-sein 25 Years Later on Legion S3E3. Not for nothing, Martin Heidegger—whose most famous work is Being and Time—is name dropped by Charles’ th...

Judges, lawyers, politics: Religion still divides Malaysia - *Constituting Religion* is an immensely valuable work, as it shows the extent to which the Malaysian state apparatus has contributed to a warped concepti...

The Gestalt of Reality - We are (slowly) becoming more sophisticated in our understanding of how the structure (or Gestalt) of our reality and the structure (or Gestalt) of our con...

Supreme Life of Our Life, Part 6: True Existence and Immortality - When we reflect on human life, the focus is almost entirely on the period between birth and death of an individual and the wants, needs and actions underta...

Latin university motto is similar to Chinese tattoo - Assorted tweets: "Education" policies have always been & will be about mass literacy. It's about numbers & creating future "workforce". Hence, Govts shoul...

Verse 100 of Bhratrhari's Niti Shataka - Brahma, by whom the potter, serpentining the stars, becomes cosmically the yolk of the egg that is his own thrown pot Vishnu, by whom our every birth is a...

The importance of being Thich Quang Duc - In the Śikṣā Samuccaya‘s chapter on patient endurance, Śāntideva urges aspiring bodhisattvas to attain a meditative state (samādhi) called the Sarvadharmas...

The importance of being Thich Quang Duc - In the Śikṣā Samuccaya‘s chapter on patient endurance, Śāntideva urges aspiring bodhisattvas to attain a meditative state (samādhi) called the … Continue r...

Intégral Yoga & Défauts humains (V): le Divin en l’autre, et en tout - Lorsque je suis arrivée en 1972 à Auroville, le nouveau livre d’écrits de Sri Aurobindo que j’ai alors découvert était tout mince, mais il a à nouveau été ...

Remembering Annapurna - She would recite, in a very soothing low voice, almost inaudible to others but her, one of her bhajans whenever she was cooking. Or she would be doing he...

Distorting Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga – Anirjeet - Peter Heehs and his American supporters at the Archives of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, should be packed off to Donald Trump’s country and made to fe...

The Mystic Pragmatism - M.S.Srinivasan (In this article, some conceptions presented in a workshop at an international conference is examined in the light of a deeper spirit...

Years with my Mentor: K. D. Sethna by Goutam Ghosal - Dear Friends, K. D. Sethna (25.11.1904 — 29.6.2011) was a Parsi sadhak who joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram at the age of twenty-three in December 1927. He was ...

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