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English of Sri Aurobindo seems like some secret tantric language

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the Orchid and the rOse: Sri Aurobindo's fame as a mystic obscured his importance as a poet and aesthetician https://t.co/r3Be8GwJYe
@NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.


Another Prof. @MakrandParanspe (ed) book I have is Sri Aurobindo Reader. "This Hindu nation was born with the Sanatana Dharma, with it it moves and with it it grows." ~Sri Aurobindo. @avatans @AbhinavAgarwal @IndicAcademy @indictoday https://t.co/CY4OvPPcju

Savitri is engrossing, reading it never gives me the feel that I am reading English, rather it takes me to timelines that seem to even predate Sanskrit itself, the English of rishi aurobindo seems to be like some lost or secret tantric language, at the dawn of human civilization. https://t.co/urS9EX70Ad

You are latching on to it...that ‘feeling’ you mention is a trait of mantric speech...where by use of symbols and allusions the strict boundaries of rational mind are broken so to speak to let one experience ranges of existence otherwise impossible to get to..
It’s been my experience that when reading Sri Aurobindo, the being withdraws inward..and there seem to be a million mind tongues savouring each sliver of that immensity viewed through the keyhole of our being..
This happens not just for mantric language but also for elevated music..for me it is western classical, some types of Bhakti songs..so many experiences have arrived due to music..not the pop/rock stuff of course, which excite the vital but has nothing of the higher sap
This higher sap is what i look for when savouring any literature or art or music..it is then we realise that the higher inspiration is so pervasive in life..our cultural conditions prepare or limit us to certain forms only..so breaking this limitation is essential to see ananda!

@HRDMinistry why are Sri Aurobindo's works not in the syllabus. He is the most accomplished English language poet and his Savitri is the longest and sublimest english poetry in the world. But why none of our universities teach it when students in universities abroad study it. https://t.co/cKXEtrhc8o

A little of his criticism is included in the CBCS BA  syllabus. But not poetry. Sonnets, Tiger n the Deer r in the MA syllabus of Visva-Bharati. It shd be there in BA syllabus too.

Sri Aurobindo on The Principle of Free Confederation versus The Idea of Self -Determination: The cases of Finland and Poland. https://t.co/2cFME4PEm0

It never ceases to amaze me how determined people are to blame "all of us" in general for political outcomes when our already anti-democratic system has been even further rigged in favor of one party for a decade and the man who is currently president lost by millions of votes.
Who's to blame for the state of society? Is it the people with institutional power they can exercise, in many cases, with no effective restraints or accountability? Or is it the unorganized mass of people in general? Gosh, tough one.
I know it's scary to admit to ourselves that we're trapped in the belly of this terrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death, but maybe it's better to face a feeling of powerlessness than to spend our time making our fellow powerless peons feel like shit.
The paradox of the head of government being effectively immune from prosecution through control over law enforcement is not fixable. It is an inherent conceptual problem. The only solution is to make it easier to remove a head of state so that they can be prosecuted out of office
The other solution, which may turn out to be more robust, would be to figure out a way to organize human society without a "buck stops here" figure in the first place, but that is impossible within the global framework of nation-states.
In either case, the Founders bequeathed us a system where the president IS above the law for all practical purposes, by requiring such an absurdly high standard for removal. Literally no president in American history has been successfully impeached and removed. None.
I guess I don't understand why hardcover books even exist anymore. They are unwieldy and irritating, and it's never clear what you're supposed to do with the stupid dust jacket.

Work needs to be done on polytheist frameworks for speaking about human rights, all the more so on account of polytheists' justified suspicion of universalisms.
Perhaps one place to start would be by recognizing "universality" as something that we approach without ever expecting to simply attain, rather than something we intuit from out of the blue.
No tradition is so introverted as to not address somehow an exterior. We need to see what we can grasp structurally about such dispositions, and about the conditions of justice and injustice arising from them.
Otherwise, we are stuck with a futile and destructive opposition between monoculture and a multiplicity defined by conflict.
We have to recognize that no individual is wholly constituted without remainder by group or tradition membership. This is an insight congenial to polytheist metaphysics on a deep level.
The fact that polytheisms have as a central focus the formation, conservation and perpetuation of stable communities is certainly not a bug, but a feature. To reduce them wholly to this function, however, is a caricature.
Every tradition, every single one, and I include the monotheisms here as well, provides a basis for moral agency; but all of them likely also possess factors that can undermine this agency.

Where do atheists, who reject teleology by definition, get the standing to talk about "rights" in the first place anyway? Utilitarianism is dumb (MacIntyre infamously pointed out that Nazis were happier to kill Jews than they were pained to be dead) but at least its not nonsense

Why even sixty years’ of original work of the rare duo of Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goel hardly left a mark on the intellectual scene of our country https://t.co/5qyLWcOIpt via @dharmadispatch

The study of social dynamics and inter-ethnic conflicts in India is irreparably screwed up in the current mileau. It is still based on outdated 19th century notions of caste and erroneously modeled after European feudal system. A de novo study based on evolutionary anthropology https://t.co/FI3EjzAWb4
Is very much desired. Majority don't even know the word caste subsumed two very different entities- varna and jati. Varna was an intra-Indo-Aryan classification of priest-philosophers, warriors and lay people. It became meaningless the moment Indo-Aryan speakers started
Interacting with various ethnic groups and the emergence of nation-state with a heterogeneous mix of ethnic groups. This emergence was due to IA cultural ethos and various groups "Aryanized" at their own rate. This entailed a mapping into a varna which by now is just theoretical.
Unfortunately misunderstanding of the processes affect real people due to faulty understanding and dubious political policies.
M.N. Srinivas the Sociologist came close with his study on "Sanskritization" as a means of upward social mobility.
Unfortunately social studies in India is leftist bullshit from west with a time lag.

Remember, it were the Hindus who gladly accepted the passing of the Hindu Code Bills in 1955 that took away their rights to practice personal law.
Am sure Mr Ansari and proponents of the right to practice personal law wouldn't mind the BJP tearing up the Hindu Code Bills. Wait.


A Debate in Ancient India: An extract from my book Krishna Gopeshvara illustrating debating culture of ancient India and how totalitarian political systems (religions) sought to destroy that culture. Krishna rescued it from Kamsa, world should do it now https://t.co/nItb1JD8pV

By rigorously respecting time honoured religious tradition of seeking the blessings of the divine before commencing any substantial task, @isro continues to rule the heart of the common man in this nation and makes us proud. Never forget the roots sir! https://t.co/5m9cfsznFZ

Sections of the Tamil country uncritically swallowed the “Dravidian” propaganda, internalized it, gave it an ideological shape premised basically on the linguistic separateness of Tamil. By Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch 
https://t.co/fHZA3frLPv @sukaul @UrviMD


India’s forced embrace of globalisation in the mid-1990s reawakened the West’s interest in India, and one major consequence has been an explosion of books about India written by Westerners — by Sandeep Balakrishna ji @dharmadispatch


“When I savour the art it gives me the experience of entering Heaven. When I see the inner workings of the artist, there is something else. Why is this contradiction?”
Mandra: The Triumph of Ramkumari https://t.co/TyRSIx2RS3


Many on Left no longer argue with pol opponents, but attempt to delegitimise them -get them sacked, brand them with term like ‘racist’ or ‘denier’, to try to ruin their business. Either you agree with us, or you do not deserve to be heard. https://t.co/w8yY6BWpZk

The Seen and the Unseen is quickly becoming my favourite Podcast. I barely even notice the irritating traffic these days while driving. Calmly trundling along to some fascinating discussions (some of it does go over my head at times but what's Google for eh?). Cheers @amitvarma


Message has gone out that Naveen Patnaik is invincible and yet the future is uncertain, or rather pregnant with possibilities. Both Congress and BJP are struggling to erect a safe ideological scaffolding. Putting Sri Aurobindo on pedestal is the right recipe for reaping dividends.

Evergreen Essays: Gandhi was a master of the political deployment of ritual https://t.co/zji8iDD1a7
@NathTusar, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF), Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) #FiveDreams #WorldUnion
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.


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