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Do not pause to ask why

Plasim Radar

Savitri Satsang 097 pp. 169-171 - A weekly sharing on Savitri by Dr Alok Pandey (an audio recording in English). The post Savitri Satsang 097 pp. 169-171 appeared first on AuroMaa.

A Sellarsian solution for the self? - The conflict between Buddhism and qualitative individualism is a major difficulty for my own philosophy. In addressing that conflict, there is one approach...

A Sellarsian solution for the self? - The conflict between Buddhism and qualitative individualism is a major difficulty for my own philosophy. In addressing that conflict, there … Continue read...

Jairus Banaji & the HUMANCENTiPAD - Prof. Jairus Banaji writes in his essay 'The Fictions of Free Labor'- When is a contract ‘voluntary’? The answer is, probably never. The underlying assump...

- Esther Neff reads 50 minutes from "The Question Concerning Technology".

“Cultural Marxism” and the Marxian Revolutionary Idea - Some recent personal experiences have been nagging at me — like a series of synchronicities — to get around to posting something about this matter of the M...

AUROVILLE: The first six years 1968-1974 by Savitra - “Auroville, the first 6 years – 1968-1974” written by Savitra is one of only two records of what was happening on the Auroville plateau during the first ...

Analysis of Isha Upanishad, Birth and Non-Birth - Verses 12-14 of the Isha Upanishad mirror in their framing verses 9-11. The earlier verses referred to Knowledge and Ignorance. The latter verses describ...

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The book provokes us to re-assess and re-think the categories in which  we have been accustomed to speak, unintelligently and unquestioningly,  of matters concerning Indian society and culture.  #bookreviews #SAFICBookOfTheMonth

Bankim Chandra writing in the 19th century about the capture of Indian texts, especially Sanskrit texts, by European scholars who monopolized interpretation and then whitesplained them back to us. This is an old colonial problem.
Excerpt from @swapan55 's new book Awakening Bharat Mata

Except, of course, that a hundred years after Bankim we still have no body of work that matches the depth and scholarship of what is being produced by Gary Tubbs, Sheldon Pollock, Yigal Bronner et al. So we have our special “understanding,” but no books.

I agree. Many Western academic scholars (not all, of course) have done good technical scholarship ( शिक्षा) but they miss out vidya, the deeper understanding of the subject. 
Such scholarship is good for a generation in academic halls, but it will not stand the test of time. 1)

So far no academic scholar in the West and no leftist scholar in India has even imagined the cosmic depth of Vedic symbolism as compared to Sri Aurobindo, Kapali Shastri, Ganapati Muni, Sri Anirvan or Swami Veda Bharati. Without mantra sadhana Veda cannot be revealed.

Since you have not heard such names as -
Ananda Koomaraswami
Surendra Nath Dasgupta
Mysore Hiriyanna
P V Kane
R G Bhandarkar
Rahula Sankrityayan 
Rudrapatna Shamasastry
Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
- it only goes to show your ignorance

What nonsense? Pollock et al are yet to produce a single book on sanskrit or Vedas that can come close to what are published by Sri Aurobindo & Kapali shastri institute. Pollock type fellows don't even get Sanskrit right...Forget producing truly scholarly works.

To answer it one should have either realized about the Bharateeya culture by travelling and interacting with common people all over India over few decades or be well versed in Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo. RRR was neither. He is a sharp but a colonial mind in brown skin.

New book (Rupa, pp. 260, Rs. 395) by the selfless warrior @Koenraad_Elst. Request all, esp. intellectual warrirors @Swamy39 @sanjeevsanyal  @swapan55 @davidfrawleyved  @ShefVaidya to endorse it for propagation - and for reading, and for doing the needful, too!

How many RW dharam yoddhas have cared to publicise this? And the serene pusillanimous, self serving, party bootlicking wimp sitting atop at Shimla? Does he even read such stuff?

He asking Sanjeev sanyal to promote it Lol i guy who belive that it was good that sanskrit was removed from india.

Let's ban PowerPoint in lectures – it makes students more stupid and professors more boring

Legends never die in the hearts of their well wishers & admirers #RIPGirishKarnad you will forever remain an icon , inspiration for many around the world

#GirishKarnad will no more be found in the banal world of spoken politics, but that is not where we must look for him. Art/culture doesn't perish, it accumulates, spreads, embeds in the soil, even if broken, like ancient potsherds.

He was a Hindu hating zealot who exploited his own Hindu/Brahmin identity to subvert Hinduism.

Modiji I never followed #GirishKarnad 's work. I remember him for the hate & venom he spewed against you, BJP & Hindutva. As a staunch leftist Mr. Karnad was as intolerant as they come. Yes - 'may his soul rest in peace. - coz he was never at peace while alive!
I won't miss him.

Veteran actor & artist #GirishKarnad will be missed dearly, his unmatched success and talent revived media and literature. His works are fond memories of an era of good will and growing art. May his soul attain supreme peace. Condolences to the loved ones from @PandaJay

Girish Karnad’s passing  away is not just a loss to theatre, films, and literature but more a loss of a sane voice. Always spoke his mind to defend what he found worth defending. RIP

As the host of Turning Point, Girish Karnad kept the nation enthralled with science. As a playwright, he used history and mythology to tackle contemporary issues. As a human being, he often took the path less travelled. May you continue to walk them, Sir. #RIPGirishKarnad

Once upon a time, there was an India—a Karnataka—in which a #GirishKarnad could co-direct and do the screenplay for ‘Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane’, a movie based on a book of the same name by S.L. Bhyrappa (in Hindi as ‘Godhuli’).

Going by this video, isn't it clear that this man is a dangerous Islamic fanatic & supremacist, besides being a hate-monger, Hindu-baiter & threat to Indian secularism; an eloquent, educated inheritor of the Razakar legacy, a second Jinnah in the making?

'"Why are moments memorable?", Meena Kumari asks, and then replies, " If we knew that , life would perhaps lose all its savour "... Do not pause to ask why
Such a wonderful thought that Meenaji shares on Life 
Please Do read #MeenaKumari #Filmfare

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