Sunday, March 06, 2016

Statue of Lord Curzon now replaced with that of Sri Aurobindo
Lan Dong - 2016 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Sri Aurobindo and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan gave popular interpretations of the philosophical precepts of Hinduism. ... and funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to fight communist forces in Laos during the Vietnam War.
Howard Kainz - 2015 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
... third stage sounds like some of the other models we have considered above, including those of Marx and Sri Aurobindo. ... Teilhard criticised collectivistic theories like communism which tended to subordinate or extinguish individuality to ...
monk known as Sri Aurobindo, and established the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in the French Colonial Territory of ... The Rise of Communism and Communalism: With the rise of Communist Party in postpartition West Bengal on the backs of ...
David Frawley - 2014 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Tilak and Aurobindo owed much of their Vedic emphasis to the pioneering work of Swami Dayananda. ... oppose communism in the country in the post World War II era, when it was fashionable to be communist and when the communistscame.
It was as if without total terror, dread, reverence, and fear of sin for a perfectly holy , righteous divine, I couldn't respect him. Why did I fear God? ... SriAurobindo, the great Indian rishi wrote in 1905: “For what is a nation? What is our mother ...
politics during the Swadeshi period in the first decade of the twentieth century, and retreat into the most rigorous discipline of 'soulforce', resulted in his transformation as Sri Aurobindo at his ashram in Pondicherry. Andyet, as thispassage ...
Arthur Herman - 2010 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
By I909 they were used to terror attacks; in 1885 a bomb had even been thrown into the House of Commons. ... Aurobindo Chose, the terrorist ringleader, had been a head boy at St. Paul's school in London and graduated from Cambridge.
Peter Heehs - 2008 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
leader Bhupendra K. Dutta came to Pondicherry to ask Aurobindo what he thought of such an alliance. Aurobindo ... violence had no further utility in India, as airplanes and other military hardware had made the terror- ists' weapons obsolete.

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
In the roundabout just outside the main entrance to the garden, was the statue of Lord Curzon, now replaced with that of Sri Aurobindo. But do razing down past and replacing with the new, really change history? The Communist Government of ...

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