Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democracy, Diaspora, Dalit, & Development

A collection of essays by distinguished scholars, this book delineates a substantial conception of democracy, the great promise as well as the pitfalls of a democratic mentality and culture. These essays go beyond the institutional and formal descriptions of democracy to its underlying cultural context — expressed both historically and analytically, descriptively and normatively. About the Author: Akeel Bilgrami is at present Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Heyman Centre for the Humanities at Columbia University. He has written extensively on philosophy of mind and language as well as on political and moral psychology. 
He is the author of Belief and Meaning (1992), Self-Knowledge and Resentment (2006), Politics and the Moral Psychology of Identity (forthcoming), What Is a Muslim? (forthcoming), and Gandhi’s Integrity (forthcoming).
History and the Making of a Modern Hindu Self by Aparna Devare (Nov 25, 2010)
Grounding Morality: Freedom, Knowledge and the Plurality of Cultures by Jyotirmaya Sharma and A. Raghuramaraju (Jul 21, 2010)
Put together to honour one of the most influential philosophers in recent times, Mrinal Miri, this book brings together articles on philosophy, politics, literature and society, and updates the status of enquiry in each of these fields. In his philosophical writings, Miri has broken the stranglehold that early training has on academics and written on a range of themes and areas, including analytical philosophy, political philosophy, tribal identity, ethics and, more recently, an abiding engagement with the ideas of Gandhi.
The articles in this volume mirror some of Miri’s concerns and philosophical interests, but go beyond the format of a festschrift, as they seek to enhance and restate themes in moral philosophy, ethics, questions of identity, Gandhi’s philosophy, and offer a fresh perspective on themes such as secularism, religion and politics. About the Authors: Jyotirmaya Sharma is Professor of Political Science, University of HyderabadA. Raghuramaraju is Professor of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad.
Ritual Matters: Dynamic Dimensions in Practice by Ute Husken and Christiane Brosius(Apr 14, 2010)

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