Monday, September 20, 2010

An assumption of ''otherness'' blocks interest in Indian philosophy

Yet in retrospect we can say that Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry ...Sri Aurobindo's sadhana in his early years in Pondicherry had already been ... [Ilion: An epic in quantitative hexametersHomer and the Iliad, Sri Aurobindo and Ilion; Illumination, Heroism and HarmonyA commentary on Sri Aurobindo's poem Ilion V Murugesu]
Ms. Ramdas will receive the award at CIIS's seventh annual dinner celebrating the Institute's Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Endowment for South Asian Philosophy and Culture, which supports courses and public programs on Indian philosophy, ...
prevalence of cultural relativism, the presumption being that Indian philosophy has to be very different. Here ethnocentrism is evident. An assumption of ''otherness'' blocks interest on the part of philosophers. ... [Essays on Indian Philosophy: Traditional and ModernPhenomenology and Indian Philosophy J. N. Mohanty 
'Brahmins need a deeksha to awaken empathy' « churumuri by churumuri
Kuvempu's impatience with the Madhwa philosophy can be understood in the context of his broad humanist position. The “Nithya muktha, nithya samsaari, nithya naraki” (“One who is forever free, forever involved in worldly affairs and ...
Let me give a thumbnail sketch of the history of philosophy to give you an idea of the context in which the new atheists operate. For the nearly 2000 year period from Socrates (470 - 399 BC) to Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650) the emphasis in philosophy was on metaphysics which is defined as the philosophy of ultimate causes and the ultimate reality beyond the physical sense world.
Metaphysics was closely tied to theology. Plato, with his doctrine of the "unmoved mover" and the great medieval philosophers all respectfully regarded God as the starting point or baseline of thought. Descartes brought in a major shift away from metaphysics to an emphasis on epistemology.
The fallacy of Dictatorship of Relativism « A divergent variation ... by evolvingprimate
Among the many philosophers that attacked the philosophy of Saint Augustine, there is perhaps none more profound and relevant than Thomas Hobbs. Hobbs believed that people are in fact inherently and fundamentally estranged. ...
Defending Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism – Part One « Stand Up For ... by USWeapon
Just as opposed is the philosophy behind the novel, objectivism. What I intend to do this evening is offer my defense of Atlas Shrugged, followed tomorrow by my defense of objectivism. I then open the topic for debate. ...
On the Seventieth Anniversary of the Assassination of Trotsky POSTED BY ALEX STEINER AT 4:44 AM FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 2010
Today marks the Seventieth anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky. Rather than indulging in empty tributes to the memory of Trotsky while dishonoring his legacy in practice, as so many do, it is worth reflecting on the reason why Stalin had Trotsky murdered in the first place.

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