Friday, December 12, 2008

The peculiar and problematic role of English as a creative medium

Reflections on Literature, Criticism and Theory Essays in Honour of Professor Prafulla C. Kar
Edited by: Sura P. Rath, Kailash C. Baral & D.Venkat rao ISBN: 81-85753-62-8 Year of Pub: 2004 Price: Rs. 550.00
The Book: This volume offers reflections on literary creativity, critical practice and engagement with theory in India and abroad. It critiques and revaluates culture and society in relation to their close imbrications with literature.
The Editors: Sura P. Rath is Professor of English at the Central Washington University in Ellensburg, U.S.A. Kailash C. Baral is Director, North-East Campus, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages at Shillong; D.Venkat Rao is Professor at the School of Critical Humanities, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.

Rethinking Indian English Literature Edited by: U. M. Nanavati, Prafulla C. Kar
Indian Ode to the West Wind Studies in Literary Encounters, Sisir Kumar Das

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