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In the language of Martin Heidegger we find words such as 'The Open' or 'The Illuminating Clearing'

Heidegger, Phenomenology and Indian Thought (Paperback) by Peter Wilberg (Author)

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"Being is no longer the essential matter to be thought." Martin Heidegger Western thought clings to the notion that consciousness is essentially both 'intentional' (awareness of something) and the private property of an egoic 'subject'. It has no concept of a Universal Awareness or 'Absolute Subjectivity' of the sort that Indian thought has long understood as the source of all individualised consciousness. Yet in the language of Martin Heidegger we find words such as 'The Open' or 'The Illuminating Clearing', which suggest a primordial 'space' or 'light' of awareness - one that is the condition for any consciousness of things, and is not the private property of any being, body, brain or 'ego'.

Heidegger, Phenomenology and Indian Thought explores in an original way the proximity of this language to those schools of Indian thought which recognise a pure, universal and 'non-intentional' dimension of consciousness - an Awareness (Chit) prior to and transcending 'Being' itself (Sat). Product Details Paperback: 116 pages Publisher: New Gnosis Publications (July 21, 2008)

Peter Wilberg sees his work as a subversion of the entire framework of Eurocentric thinking - one rooted not only in scholarly studies but in new and profound experiences of the central religious and metaphysical notions of Indian thought – not least those of Kashmir Shaivism - experiences that have led him to what he believes is a both new and necessary conceptual reframing of it’s foundational insights. The guiding aim of his work is provide the foundations for a primordially-rooted leap or ‘Ur-sprung’ of both Indian thought - one that at the same time undermines the root assumptions of European philosophy and phenomenology - not to mention the theological assumptions of the Abrahamic faith.
The ultimate question which the fruits of Peter Wilberg’s life-work now raise is whether, in his words “there is today any spiritual room, within the institutions or organisations that seek to foster respect for Indian religious-philosophical traditions, for a body of knowledge that seeks not only to build a bridge between deep scholarly and philosophical studies of these traditions and their personal experiential practice, but goes even further - offering a radical conceptual and experiential refoundation of those traditions - rather than merely parroting their traditional terms and mimicking their traditional practices in the manner of so many current yogic schools and gurus.” In the context of this question, Peter Wilberg himself is only too well aware of the paradox of someone who, in this life, is ethnically an English-born German Jew, suddenly appearing himself ‘out of the blue’ - yet with an astonishing claim to have built a new foundation for Indian Tantric wisdom. Given this paradox, the innate difficulty his work faces in gaining recognition was put to him pithily by a lifelong student: “Your dilemma is that you have not only revered the original tantras, gained a felt comprehension of them and written about them, but also conceptually refined them - even corrected them. That is probably too much for most people.”
This message is reinforced by a remark of Peter Wilberg himself: “All my words and writings together can be compared to mere ciphers or inscriptions on the outside of a box - either scaring off the reader or inviting them to open it. The box itself however, is far larger inside that it appears from without. Its interior is a boundless time-space of awareness and an inexhaustible source of deep inner knowing. Whosoever dares to open this box - or allow it to be opened for them through direct personal instruction and initiation - must not only have an intelligent and open mind but great spiritual courage.” top

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