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Birth of the Divine in man is the supreme consummation towards which the march of human civilisation has been proceeding

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The strucure of our society is more determined by our internal nature than is a determinant thereof. So the right course would be to proceed from within outwards, and not to begin at the wrong end. What is primarily and most essentially needed is a total conversion of man's being and consciousness, a root and branch transformation of his internal nature. This can be accomplished only by bringing into overt operation a superior power of consciousness, by invoking that dynamic principle of Truth-consciousness of which mind is only a subordinate instrumentation, and by making that principle a permanent ingredient of the evolving earth-consciousness...

The total Space-Time, which is the matrix of all existence and the nurse of all becoming, is, from the beginning, impregnated with a creative nisus towards the production of higher and higher unique and emergent qualities...Man is sure to evolve into Superman or a higher order of being, just as the animal evolved into man, or as the plant evolved into the animal... should be remembered that man is a self-conscious being, gifted with the power of freely controlling his actions in accordance with his own ideals....Sri Aurobindo is firm in his conviction that the birth of the Divine in man is the supreme consummation towards which the march of human civilisation has been proceeding through the ages. Man has the power within him to rise above the limitations of his ego-centric nature, and to enter into into conscious co-operation with the Divine Power which secretly guides the process of evolution. As a consequence, man can himself be the vehicle for the full self-revelation of the Divine.

- (Prof. Haridas Chaudhuri [Aurobindo's maximum exponent], Sri Aurobindo: Prophet of Life Divine)

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  1. What an unfortunate use of words or terminology.

    I have yet to come across the writings or biography of a realized saint, yogi, mystic or sage who was in to marching.

    Ecstatic dancing and de-light yes, but marching definitely no.

    Energy is eternal de-light.