Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When we neither know science nor religion

Re: 15: He saw a world that is from a world to be by RY Deshpande on Tue 26 Jun 2007 04:10 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link The evolutionary scale
Mixing up of the occult-esoteric and the rational-scientific has caused great harm to us, without realising that their truths belong to different orders of understanding, different domains of approach, each having its own instruments of knowledge, they yielding corresponding results. The worst is the genuine and luminous occult has been hijacked by the fundamentalist dogma imposed on the credulous. It is imperative that these discoveries should be seen in the respective contexts and should not be taken out of them, nor can they be imposed on others.
The operations of reason have their own merit, but in its own boundaries; the discoveries of faith belong to another category and it is a mistake to think that they can be universalised, being subjective in nature. Even today the Biblical ideas about the ancestry of man and the proposals of the biological sciences, always provisional in their character, are at war with each other even in progressive countries like the US where some of the States have legally banned them. This is unfortunate, particularly so when we neither know science nor religion. The hope lies in transcending both. RYD

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