Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Whitehead to Analytical philosophy to Wittgenstein to the Upanishads to Sri Aurobindo to Ramana Maharshi

A philosopher, his life of the mind and heart MRINAL MIRI Indian Express: Thursday, June 14, 2007
New Delhi, June 13: Ramchandra Gandhi, perhaps the most brilliant mind I have known in my life, passed away in his sleep at the India International Centre on Wednesday...Ramu’s first degree was in Physics; he then took a Master’s in Philosophy from St Stephen’s College and a D.Phil from Oxford. At Oxford, he worked with Professor P F Strawson, one of 20th century’s most distinguished philosophers. Ramu’s philosophical quest took him from Whitehead to British analytical philosophy to Ludwig Wittgenstein to the Upanishads to Sri Aurobindo and finally to Ramana Maharshi.
The abiding underlying thread of his philosophical thought is that all existence is saturated with the Self and that this is the true foundation of the ethical life. Ramu was an inspirational teacher. A brilliant wielder of language — whether English or Hindi — he could give a totally unexpected turn to an argument or introduce a remarkable change of perspective with an incredibly imaginative use of a word or a sentence. This used to happen fairly frequently during the course of a lecture or conversation and it never failed to leave his listeners pleasantly awed by his wonderful power over language... Mrinal Miri was vice-chancellor of Northeastern Hill University, Shillong, and is member of the National Advisory Council

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