Monday, April 23, 2007

Paul de Man’s Misreadings: A Critique of Aesthetic Ideology

Oublié Sur La Carte is sad to announce that fellow blogger Joseph Kugelmass is about to close shop over at The Kugelmass Episodes in order to begin blogging anew under an assumed name, of which he plans to inform us in some roundabout way. You can read the death notice here while the site is still up. Once it’s gone, pay attention to my blogroll, as I’ll surely post a link to the new site as soon as it becomes known to me.
In the mean time, Joe has been courteous enough to allow me to repost his two posts on De Man, complete with comment threads, so that the context of my posts on irony will not be lost, and the rich commentary from Joe, myself, and others will be preserved. You can find the threads here:

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