Saturday, April 14, 2007

Intellectually rarified dialog

The two truths of Nagarjuna by Edward Berge- An example of the intellectually rarified dialog that members of the Integral Community are engaged in at the Open Integral Forum with Alan Kazlev, Andy Smith, Jim Chamberlain, Chris Dierkes, Tusar N. Mohapatra, Marko Rinck and Ray Harris. (One of the few comments that I could actually comprehend- ef)
"They are not saying that Spirit does not exist, but simply that any finite statement about the infinite will categorically not work- not in the same way that statements about relative or conventional truth will work. Spirit can be known, but not said; seen, but not spoken; pointed out, but not described; realized, but not reiterated. Conventional truths are known by science; absolute truth is known by satori. They simply are not the same thing." BACK to PLAYING GURU BACK to ADVAITIC EXPERIENCE BACK to MAYA-GAIA SITEMAP email> smalltownsATusaDOTcom

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