Sunday, August 13, 2006

Et Tu Quoque

Saturday, July 15, 2006 Contributor Blogs: While our blogging has slowed down during the summer months, a lot of contributors to Tu Quoque have other blogs that they frequently update. I added them to the sidebar but I also wanted to give attention to them here. Matt Graham's new blog, Sophrosyne, features his thoughts on ethics, as well as other subjects. Doug Beaumont's blog, IrContent, "... exists to encourage discussion of spiritual issues among thinking Christians." I've enjoyed reading this one a lot lately. Matt Nadler has a blog, The Schmooze Blogger, that deals with issues relating to Messianic Judaism. He needs to update it! T.B. Vick's blog, Shadows of Divine Things, features a lot of posts covering a number of theological and philosophical issues.Last but hopefully not least, my blog, The Metaphysical Pluralist, features my thoughts on philosophy, theology, apologetics, rants, and more. Read more! posted by davis at 10:55 AM 1 comments links to this post
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 Around the Web: Here's a compilation of the best blog posts I've seen lately. Theology Blogs: Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost has a post on how not to evangelize. It critiques the 'salesman' or 'marketing' approach to evangelizing. Our very own Metaphysical Beautician, who has another blog called Calculated Existential Angst wrote a post on knowing God via intellectual content that sparked an interesting discussion afterwards.Over at Stand to Reason, Brett Kunkle has a blog on whether or not the culture is as postmodern as the some thinkers say it is, based on a William Lane Craig interview.
Philosophy Blogs: At Prosblogion, Jon Kvanvig has an interesting thought experiment on Hell. (I wish I had some flames to go with the word hell.)I recently discovered The Lyceum, thanks to John Depoe. It is the blog of Daniel Bader, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. It features many interesting posts on different aspects of ancient and medieval philosophy.Speaking of John Depoe at Fides Quaerens Intellectum, he has an interesting post on Kant, Russell, and the Ontological argument. It deals with Kant's critique of it, based on Kant's notion of existence. I will be writing on this soon. On a side note, Kant once remarked that all proofs of God's existence are variants of the Ontological argument. This is based of course on Kant's understanding of existence, which was based on Wolf's, which was in turn based on Frances Suarez. Hopefully this will cause an interesting discussion.Speaking of arguments, Ben Burgis, a graduate student at Western Michigan University has an interesting post on Logical Positivism and the Cosmological Argument at his blog, Stalking Sophia.As mentioned in a previous post, I want to welcome Doctor Logic to the blogging world, with his team blog Beyond Logical Positivism. I can't say that I agree with a lot of the views presented there, but it has definitely brought some interesting discussions to the table.Finally, I want to congratulate Qualiatative at Dualistic Dissension, who has begun his neurosurgey rotations. Bring on the jokes about brain surgeons! posted by davis at 10:43 AM 2 Comments: tuquoque

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