Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To a larger and more complex perfection

I simply wish to engage in free thinking; attempting to integrate and incorportate as much of my experience as possible. I think the attitude is captured best by Sri Aurobindo in this quote:
"The charactistic energy of pure Mind is change and the more it acquires elevation and organisation, the more this law of Mind assumes the aspect of a continual enlargement, improvement and better arrangement of its gains and so of a continual passage from a smaller and simpler to a larger and more complex perfection. For Mind, unlike bodily life, is infinite in its field, elastic in its expansion, easily variable in its formations. Change, then, self-enlargement and self-improvement are its proper instincts" (Synthesis of Yoga, 16).
My mind, having been expanded my a plethora of new concepts, can never return to its original dimensions. And, so, this cross-boundary freethinking approach is simply a psycho-spiritual instinct and such an instinct has nothing to do with rebellion. posted by Heretical Hare 16 November 2005 @ 3:02:00 PM

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