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Deceptions and half-baked truths

Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956)

Understanding equanimity from a psychological perspective: implications for holistic well-being during a global pandemic

P Jijina, UN Biswas - Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 2021
ABSTRACT The cultivation of equanimity has been emphasized in various
indigenous philosophies and contemplative practices. This paper aims to develop
an expansive understanding of equanimity as a distinct psychological construct …

Introduction: Perspectives on Psychology in Modern India

G Misra, N Sanyal, S De - Psychology in Modern India, 2021
Abstract During the past century, the modern psychology, originating in the Euro-American
region, was transplanted in India during the British colonial period. With the
expansion of higher education in the country, psychology has grown and diversified …

Psychology in India: A Discipline in Search of Its Identity

P Bansal - Psychology in Modern India, 2021
… Yoga psychology and Integral Psychology of Sri Aurobindo are well-developed
conceptual systems offering a much-needed corrective to the positivist-mechanical
conception of psychology. Attempts have also been made to assess specific …

Thematic and Theoretical Moves in Psychology in Modern India

G Misra, AC Paranjpe - Psychology in Modern India, 2021
… Having mastered the Sanskrit language, which he learned as an adult, Sri
Aurobindo wrote commentaries on the principal Upaniṣads as well as the Vedas. In
this work, he gives symbolic interpretations of several hymns of the Vedas …

[PDF] Pedagogical Features of the Moral and Moral Education of Future Teachers

NK Vokhidova - CONVERTER, 2021
… Researchers such as A.Shveitsar, NABerdyaev, VVRozanov, Sri Aurobindo, O.Shpengler,
H.Ortega-i-Gasset, A.Pechchei, J.Furaste, G.Markuze, T.Adorno advocates of an
ethical approach. A. Schweitzer writes that the conflicts between the material and …

[PDF] A Review on the Past, Present and Future of Education in India

ABSTRACT Education is the process of learning or the acquisition of knowledge,
skills, values, beliefs, and habits that shapes a child into a good human being. While
it is very well understood how crucial education is to shape our lives, it has also …

[PDF] General And Educational Philosophy Of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

… The present paper is an attempt to know the general and educational philosophy of
great philosopher Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. In this study Philosophical and Historical
method was used. Books written by … The present study is concerned to the educational …

[PDF] 4. Education in India: A Historical Perspective

CV Sindhuja, HS Ashok - CARE List Journal, ISSN 2278-2435, Vol. 10, Issue-3 …
… The historical event of partition of Bengal led to national education movement in
the year 1905 spearheaded by Sri Aurobindo, Rabindranath Tagore, and others.
They focused and emphasized on reviving the past glory of India, to recreate a …

Advaita: Oneness as a Lived Reality—Examining Aspects of Profound and a Radical Psychology

SA Pandit - Psychology and Developing Societies, 2021
… , where he traced texts and thinkers such as Ācārya Śankara; second, a galaxy of
thinkers and teachers such as Srī Vidyāraṇya, what he calls as ‘yoga-advaita’
tradition and the third, the contemporary literature on masters such as Swami …

Qualitative Analysis of Christian Religious Education Teacher Learning Strategies in Online Learning

D Paskarina, LBJ Noya, P Eunike, BK Putrawan - Didache: Journal of Christian …, 2021
… Di era pandemi covid 19 pembelajaran jarak jauh atau daring merupakan
metode yang digunakan pemerintah dalam hal ini Kemendikbud sebagai upaya
untuk mencegah semakin meningkatnya pandemi covid 19 dan munculnya klaster …

Defining Ecofascism: Historical Foundations and Contemporary Interpretations in the Extreme Right

K Campion - Terrorism and Political Violence, 2021
… In the 1950s, one theorist who reinforced this was Savitri Devi, an esoteric Nazi
and admirer of Hitler. In The Impeachment of Man, Devi suggests that an unnatural
sense of exceptionalism had separated humans from plants and animals—severing …

Postcolonial exigency: interrogating the Manichean model of coloniality through a polycolonial lens: Polycoloniality: European transactions with Bengal from the 13th …

D Biswas - 2021
Polycoloniality offers an alternate historiography that focuses on Bengal’s ‘polycolonial’past.
At a time when postcolonial studies in India hinges on a monocolonial narrative and
focuses mainly on the colonial legacy of the British Raj and the adverse effect on the …

Theatre Traditions in Bangladesh

SJ Ahmed - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History, 2021
Summary Theatre in Bangladesh is best understood in the plural form of “traditions,”
since it is a quadruple intertwining of four distinct streams: Sanskrit, indigenous,
modern, and applied. Both the Sanskrit and the indigenous traditions employ …

[PDF] Religion, Nonreligion and the Sacred: Art and the Contemporary Rituals of Birth

AM Hennessey - Religions, 2021
… Traditions that stem from a culture’s birth rituals, including rituals related to death,
emphasize how material objects are integral to the way … It is easy to note that in all
of the rituals Cooper mentions, material objects are integral to the process of …

[PDF] DGH was not an innocent academic event

J Batra - 2021
… The ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ Conference, whose very title seems menacing,
held in virtual mode on Sept. 10-12, 2021, was not an … If it were not so, there
would be no need to hit out at Hindutva, which is only Hindi/Sanskrit translation of …

Crisis of Secularism and Changing Contours of Minority Politics in IndiaLessons from the Analysis of a Muslim Political Organization

R Santhosh, D Paleri - Asian Survey, 2021
… forces, the PFI has effectively used a radical assertive Islamist identity to mobilize
the Muslim youth in coastal Karnataka to challenge Hindutva vigilantism, often in
ways that mirror the modus operandi of their Hindutva counterparts. One-third of the …

Indian “Love Jihad” Goes to Court

A Juzaszek - Law and Culture, 2022
… Therefore, in the description of “Love Jihad”, we can find traces of the shape of
the Indian society desired by Hindu nationalists, who have centered their ideology
around the concept of Hindutva (see Strohl 2018, p. 4; Rajeshwar and Amore 2019 …

Seeing is Believing: COVID-19 and Televised Hinduism

SR Choudhury - Performance, Religion, and Spirituality, 2021
Abstract The idea of darshana, implying seeing and being seen is central to the
Hindu religious interaction between the devotee and the divine–an extrusive rhythm
of sight which brings the two into actual contact. From religious sculpture and idolatry …

[PDF] The pandemic is our portal: Re-imagining teaching and learning in the time of Covid-19

MN Hlatshwayo, SD Khumalo, N Nzimande
… The refusal resulted in what is increasingly acknowledged as the Hindufication (or
Hindutva) of the Indian political society by Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP). Roy thus, suggests that the pandemic is a portal for us, in that it ought to …


VMR Kumar - 2021
… Ascendancy of the concept of Bharatiyata which is a successor of Hindutva
oriented politics in the contemporary India created a context for looking at the
process from multidimensional perspective. It is due to the fact that most of the …

[PDF] How It Ends

I Mukherjee - 2021
Abstract We can always look upon the intersection of history and events as an
exciting façade, full of deceptions, half-baked truths, and awkward reconciliations in
the framework of cultural studies. The Mexican author Valeria Luiselli’s Tell Me How …

Discrimination in Indian Higher Education: Everyday Exclusion of the Dalit–Adivasi Student

B Kumar - Contemporary Voice of Dalit, 2021
This study is based on the lived experiences of the Dalit and Adivasi students in an
elite higher education institution in India. It describes the everyday struggle
undertaken by the students from socially marginalized communities, who experience …

Prioritizing motivators influencing intentions to visit spiritual destinations in India: an application of analytical hierarchical process (AHP) approach

A Garg, P Misra, S Gupta, P Goel, M Saleem - Journal of Tourism Futures, 2021
Abstract Purpose Spiritual tourism is becoming a significant growth area of the
Indian travel market, with more Indians opting to go on pilgrimage to popular
religious cities. There are many spiritual destinations where some of this life's …

Interpreting Group-Based Religious Freedoms: Sabarimala and the Movement from Definitions to Limitations

A Sen - NALSAR Stud. L. Rev., 2021
… In SP Mittal, the Supreme Court declined granting the status of denomination to
the Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry on the grounds that the commonality in its
members stemmed from a common philosophical tradition which could not be …

[HTML] Indian health care from the Ramayana era to the modern times: Looking backwards, moving forwards

M Tripathi, AK Tripathi, H Deora, NS Yagnick - International Journal of …, 2021
Inspiration can be derived from uplifting stories that are set in a background of
disaster. The stories may range from the mundane to the imaginative, representing
real-life incidents to mythological ones. Inspiring stories emanate as fragments of …


R Sethi, L Alterno
Recently, while preparing a list of Modern Classics in the English language, the
Sahitya Akademi at New Delhi found it impossible to ignore Raja Rao’s writing
despite severe competition from the post-1980 writers. This might come as a …


EB Aswani, KG Rishad - 2021
… Aurobindo emphasized that education should be in accordance with the needs of
our real modern life. Education should create dynamic citizen so that they are able to
meet the needs of modern complex life. According to him physical development and …

Looking for Gandhi in our Times

V Das - 2021
The book is a fascinating personal account of Gandhiji and his ideas as he
translated them into his own life and encouraged others to translate their beliefs into
their lives. Some of the key notions propagated by Gandhiji have been outlined in …

Nationalism in India

D Biswas, JC Ryan
The right of Debajyoti Biswas and John Charles Ryan to be identified as the authors
of the editorial material, and of the authors for their individual chapters, has been
asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and …

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

H Arora - International Journal of Information, Business and …, 2021
The concept of businesses having a responsibility towards the societies they
operate in can be traced back to medieval times; it re-emerged in the modern period
with the Gandhian theory of trusteeship in the 1930s, which was thought of for an …

[HTML] Acoording to hindu religion Shudra or Shoodra [(Sanskrit: Śūdra [2]) is the lowest ranked of the four varnas of the Hindu caste system and social order in India.[3][4] …

KGN Nambudiripad, TB May, F Grasby
… Sri Aurobindo states Shudra and the other varna is a concept found in all human
beings in different proportions. He states that this was externalised and mechanised
into a system quite different from what it was intended. [79] …

[PDF] Farber's Reimagined Mad Pride: Strategies for Messianic Utopian Leadership

JM Hall - Journal of Medical Humanities
Abstract In this article, I explore Seth Farber’s critique, in The Spiritual Gift of
Madness, that the leaders of the Mad Pride movement are failing to realize his vision
of the mad as spiritual vanguard of sociopolitical transformation. First, I show how …

[PDF] 'We, the People'

SK Jha - Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2021
Abstract The Paper discusses the invocation of ‘we, the people’as the author of
democratic constitutions and as sign post of modern republic to analyses its
historical and theoretical significance. The birth of the people as the author of the …

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