Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Voltaire jolted me through his satire

For some reason I'm reminded of Candide today. Voltaire jolted me (I was ~16 then) through his satire. Nothing was ever the same again.
I refuse to tolerate oppression - by government. 
We must not allow human dignity to be compromised in the name of protecting our health.

"Leave something of sweetness and substance in the mouth of the world."
How to live and how to die:

The #COVID19 pandemic is worsening already high and rising wealth and income inequality in both advanced and emerging economies. When all is said and done, inequality may end up at its highest since before the advent of the modern welfare state. My latest:

Feminism is the last resort for drug addicts and their apologists. If any one has specific info about drug consumption of Bollywood men and if he shares those, and the info isn’t acted upon, he can legitimately complain, not before.

I ❤️ Stats: Does astrology work? Does homeopathy work? How will you test it? How will you set up a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of a medicine. The logic of statistical thinking and the concepts that guide statistical inferences and conclusions.
Mental models that the schooling must not ignore. If you don't know these, you are not thinking right in most circumstances. #ThinkingHabits #CriticalThinking
From hypocrisy to democracy, This way: Delegated Proof of Stake
Unfair Democracy
Tree of Democracy: Design it and improve it with time. #EvolutionaryDemocracy
Message to millennial who are planning for kids. If you give another 5 years to this type of govt, you are dragging the younger generation more closer to extinction, not just extinction but miserable extinction in 100 years
#Fair #democracy of experts without any intermediaries or brokers such as politicians (MPs, MLAs, PM, CM) and bureaucrats, who delay the implementation. People will transact directly with their service provider departments.
How scientists fool themselves – and how they can stop
Humans are remarkably good at self-deception. But growing concern about reproducibility is driving many researchers to seek ways to fight their own worst instincts.
#CriticalThinking #Logic #Fallacy #Bias
Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.

Cricket, Bollywood, and Music keep the youth busy. No incentive in reading. Basically, no intellectual quest. Lack of acquaintance with Philosophy proper is the cause.

The Formation of Sri Aurobindo’s Vision

As ARYA (1914-1921) will close within next four months a hundred years ago let's remember that ten to twelve major works of Sri Aurobindo got published in a systematic manner. Collectively these books constitute a veritable University. Indians need to read

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