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Sri Aurobindo's concept of woman

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SRI AUROBINDO'S CONCEPT OF WOMAN : A LITERARY ANALYSIS. By. Supervisor : (Prof. 3iala^har (Pane)a,. P. G. Department of English,. Sambalpur ...

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Sri Aurobindo has said that – Throughout the Veda it is in the hymns which celebrate this strong and brilliant deity (Agni) that we find those which are the most ...

Sri Aurobindo was born in Calcutta, on August 15, 1872, at 5:00 am, the hour of dawn. The date is doubly important. Seventy-five years later, on August 15, 1947 ...

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This is a non-affiliated site, run by and for devotees and followers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The site features talks and writings of Alok Pandey and ...

Date, Event. 02/28/2020 6:00 pm - 9:15 pm, South Indian Vegan Dinner and a Movie MATAGIRI SRI AUROBINDO CENTER, Mount Tremper NY. 02/29/2020

Referring to Sri Aurobindo's views on education, the Vice President said that education has to be holistic and it must be enlightening and empowering. “It should ...

Dear Colleagues, and Whit, Namaste
Nor science nor ontology nor a putative account of "spirituality" as if independent of them and of experience, can provide a final answer nor characterization of anything, they can only operate in a certain cognitive framework, which ultimately is that of the embodied mind. This is particularly so in relation to the (putative?) existence and constitution of quales, 

The case of Phi, Golden Mean, is most remarkable in pointing out to this and to a continuity of the embodied mind with that of a universe as if the mind would not be. If you wish, a panpsychism which does not imaginately require a self to sustain the cognitive framework nor for the universe at large to be such.This is what science as it stands on dualism actually does, and purportedly, quantum mechanics has broken the spell.

In other terms, as if the universe would have a design which can be done whether a partial subject is the case or not, or still the subject paradoxically excluded at large as the universe itself. Here the paradox arises from the joint continuity already mentioned, and the imaginative act of making this continuity redundant if not superfluous. For dualism, there is no such paradox since there is no such continuity, and thus, in the dualistic setting, science is "just so". So too is its ontology.
Diego Lucio Rapoport

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Hi Deigo,
Can science account for the golden mean being beautiful, or is this akin to the beauty we often find in symmetries (and other geometric patterns), even those which become apparent through science?

There are science-like explanations, such as that we prefer symmetries just because symmetric faces and bodies are clues to genetic fitness. But beyond just-so stories, does science have any purchase on beauty at all? And ... should it? If it should, how should it develop it?
Best, Whit

Dear Colleagues, Namaste
That science has a limited conception of reality is beyond dispute, but this still misses that it further fails short of even mentioning the imaginal domain and its articulation as and in experience. This requires transcending duality, actually a logophysics, rooted in the Klein Bottle metaform.

The issue, as i see it, is not that science cannot account for aesthetics, which is not altogether correct (the Golden Mean), but rather that as has been developed following Plato's rejection of supradualism in the Presocratics, it has been hell bent in appropiation of Nature and directed to war.

When one reads that even the apologetics of music by Plato is in his own words a psyop medium to war, plus all the blabla about "beauty", then we are fully slapped hard into realising how deep this has gone from the very beginnings of this misappropiation. 
Diego Lucio Rapoport

Modern science reveals an extremely limited conception of reality, and should not be interpreted as explaining the whole story. Science may be able to quantify and predict certain phenomena, but it cannot account for the quality of beauty that this phenomena evokes within the observer. 
Humbly in service, 
Krishna Keshava Das
Serving Assistant
Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute of Spiritual Culture and Science

Living Organism ultimately has the Concept as its Substance
Śrīpād Bhakti Mādhava Purī Mahārāja, Ph.D. (Serving Director of Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute of Spiritual Culture and Science, NJ, USA: )

The living organism internally assimilates itself and produces itself. This self-consumption and self-production is its metabolism, by which it anabolizes and catabolizes, creates and destroys its own cellular substructure in order to maintain its own superstructural integrity. Likewise, the superstructural system assimilates the outer environment of which it is an integral participant. It both consumes and produces the environment in which it lives, but on a localized scale, unlike the totality of its destructive and constructive activity that occurs within itself. Reproduction is a production of itself as a totality but in a localized portion of the environment. It is a process of preservation of the species. 

Its inner metabolic process is the preservation of its particularity. Its assimilation and defense against the environment is the preservation of its individuality. And the reproduction of itself as a species is the preservation of its universality. The particular, individual and universal aspects of the living process are characteristic of what is called a Concept. A Concept has three aspects: universal, particular and individual. For example, in biology we speak of genus, species and specimen. Mammal is a genus (general or universal), whereas tiger is a particular species or kind of mammal, and the individual tiger that we meet in the jungle is a specimen. All three of these aspects are required in order to completely specify the individual identity of whatever is experienced.

The living organism, therefore, ultimately has the Concept as its substance when it is comprehended completely. Thus, the categories of understanding that seek to fix identities in their identity (e.g. A=A, B=B, etc.) cease to be applicable to the living organism whose participants do not possess isolated identities but are identified only in their mutual relations. Unlike chemical objects, the participants of a biological system are produced by as well as productive of the other participants.

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