Friday, September 11, 2015

Integration of the metaphysical and the physical

M. Alan Kazlev - Public -  8h Evolution in time and space is quite distinct from the non-evolutionary, ontological series of hypostases or zones. Although evolution proceeds from simpler to more complex states and structures ("complexification"), allowing more and more developed modes of consciousness, and the embodiment of higher spiritual principles, it does not involve progression from matter to spirit. Therefore there are two distinct "axii": a "horizontal" one which traces the evolution and causal emergence of complexity and consciousness within matter throughout historical, geological, and cosmological time, and the "vertical" one (ontological spectrum) of emanation and transcendence that is outside of time altogether, and uses a totally different mode or modes of causality. There is still feedback between the higher and lower hypostases (vertical spectrum), but each hypostasis has its own rules and laws and phenomena and behaviour, and is described by different esotericists (a few mentioned here). 
Similarily, each emergent structure in matter has its own laws and behaviour that cannot be explained reductionistically in terms of earlier and simpler structures (e.g. you can't explain biology in terms of atomism). Eventually, either complexification leads to a Singularity and cosmological breakthrough (Supramentalisation in Sri Aurobindo's integral metaphysics, or Omega Point in Teilhard de Chardin's evolutionary theology, shown here as the little horseshoe symbol (omega)) involving the integration of the metaphysical and the physical, or intelligent life destroys itself and reduces the planet to a low diversity, precambrian style biosphere, and it is up to beings on some other planet or in some other universe to attempt the breakthrough to omega. - M Alan Kazlev, 2015. M. Alan Kazlev 

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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