Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Philosophy, aesthetics, and liberation

[a non-anthropocentric approach updating aesthetic understanding with contemporary biosemiotic & evolutionary theory]

Sheehan concluded that Heidegger's philosophy centers not on Being but rather on his early insight that our mortality is the source of all meaning. Sheehan explains, "Humans are characterized by the need to interpret everything they meet, and this need arises from our radical finitude, from what Heidegger called 'temporality.'"
In Sheehan's opinion, Heidegger shows us how to live authentically but then stops short. "Now what do I do?" Sheehan asks. "Do I become a Nazi – or read the pre-Socratics? He hasnothing to say about where one might go next. There's no ethics in Heidegger, and no meaningful political philosophy."             

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