Saturday, August 07, 2010

Foundational text for contemporary Indian political thought

Indian Political Thought: A Reader Edited by Aakash SinghSilika Mohapatra (London & New York: Routledge, 2010). 

In our time of globalization, people in the West are increasingly looking beyond the limits of the West for insights and teachings. It is very important and fascinating to find out what is happening today in India in terms of political philosophy. This Reader is timely and very much needed as there is simply no comparable text is in fact a 'who's who' in contemporary Indian political thought.  -- Fred Dallmayr (Notre Dame, USA)

A significant attempt to construct a foundational text for contemporary Indian political thought, this volume meets a deeply felt need. -- Shashi Tharoor (former Under-Secretary General for the United Nations) 

Integral Pluralism: Beyond Culture Wars - Fred Dallmayr - 2010 - 231 pages - Preview
He also revisits the work of Gandhi as an example of integral pluralism in practice. Novel in its insights and accessible in tone, Integral Pluralism promotes the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.
The Promise of Democracy: Political Agency and Transformation - Page 234 -Fred R. Dallmayr - 2010 - 254 pages - Preview
anamnestic 'capitalization' and the amnesic exposure to what would no longer be identifiable at all.” Unfortunately, the distinction between the unexpected advent and the absolutely ...
Comparative Political Theory: An Introduction - Fred Dallmayr - 2010 - 292 pages
This book is meant as an introduction to a new field of scholarly inquiry, a subfield of political science called "comparative political theory."

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