Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here Sri Aurobindo gets quite sociological

Gabriel affirms and supplements Badiou’s conclusion that “the being of consistency is inconsistency.” (qtd. p. 54) It is here, with this reconciliation (or attempted reconciliation), that Schelling really goes to work. Importantly, for Gabriel, when we identify inconsistency as “the being” of consistency, we are not saying that inconsistency is a state of affairs, or “a primordial nameless tohubohu in the beginning waiting to be ordered by the divine world.” (p. 55) On the contrary: “The being of consistency,” i.e. the absolute identification of the indeterminate condition (the abgrund) for determinacy, is identified as such retroactively — prior to its determinate identification, “that which eludes our grasp (however we name it) . . . does not even exist.” (p. 55)
The mirror neuron meme continues to circulate via that dependable circulator of likable sciencey ideas, Jeremy Rifkin: There's much more to his argument than mirror neurons (fortunately). “Empathy is grounded in the acknowledgment of death and the celebration of life in rooting for each other to flourish and be. It’s based on our frailties and our imperfections.” “Empathy is the invisible hand. Empathy is what allows us to stretch our sensibility with another so that we can cohere in larger social units. To empathize is to civilize; to civilize is to empathize.” If the invisible hand of the liberal right is the market, and of the conservative right is tradition, is the invisible hand of the left empathic sociality? And is science now on its side? See The Empathic Civilization for more. And the RSA for more videos by the likes of David Harvey, Matthieu Ricard, Barbara Ehrenreich, Slavoj Zizek,... 
EVOLUTIONARY,  SPIRITUAL CONCEPTIONS OF LIFE – SRI AUROBINDO ... by M Leicht - 2006 Evolutionary, spiritual conceptions of life - Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin and Ken Wilber in comparison Dr. phil. Michael Leicht
But the position of Aurobindo is quiet different. It is not by removing himself from his body, mind and even his consciousness, that the individual can reach the highest state. But it is by the fullest development of the body, mind and consciousness. Moreover, it is only in an enlightened and ennobled world that the highest type of individual can dwell. The divinised man is a citizen of a divinised world (Reddy, 2004: 147). Here Aurobindo gets quite sociological. [Evolutionary, Spiritual Conceptions of Life - Sri Aurobindo, ... - Page 34 Dr. phil. Michael Leicht – 2008] 9:54 PM 
The crucial extra element that Aurobindo brought to Indian philosophy/mysticism is a collective aspect of spirit. While he describes communion, union and identity with Spirit in a manner that is similar to Vedanta, he later articulates the descent of the Supermind along with the creation of a new Man and a new advanced society. The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) attempted to carry out this program and helped found Auroville - a model for such an advanced society. In recent times, this theme has been further developed in a (constructive) postmodern direction by Ken Wilber and his followers. [Nature and wildlife in Auroville « Aurovillenews By aurovillenews] 9:56 AM

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