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Rich and I have tried to make these kinds of hybrid extensions

Re: LACMA 111909 - Debashish Banerji
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This train of conversation arose because of my attempt to relate the Subject/Substance debate of Hegel/Spinoza returned in Zizek/Deleuze with Sri Aurobindo's dealing with sarvam and anantam in the Record of Yoga: http://www.sciy.org/blog/_archives/2009/11/20/4385355.html#1279216

The western debate remains an aporia because there is no passage out of its contradiction in the Avidya. But there is an experiential way out as delat with by Sri Aurobindo. To insert this into the discourse enlarges and extends its horizon. By introducing Sri Aurobindo into an unfamiliar terrain it also reconstellates and recontextualizes him.

This is a specific case, but in general, in sciy, Rich and I have tried to make these kinds of hybrid extensions. I believe in your own specialized field of writing you do the same - reconstellate Sri Aurobindo by introducing him into an existing contemporary discourse as a new perception which therey alters the discursive topography. Science, Culture and Integral Yoga Recent Articles
A Review of Dipesh Chakrabarty's "Provincializing Europe" by Amit Chaudhuri (London Review of Books) Debashish
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LACMA 111909 - Debashish Banerji Debashish
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SCIY's Page Views and MBs Transferred reach new highs in July 2008
Meet the Economist Who Thinks We're Doomed: Dr. Nouriel Roubini (NYT)

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  1. Y2K spurred me to survey the 20th Century thought and 5 years later when I stumbled upon SCIY, it was no alien territory. Banerji’s dense compositions used to surprise, Carlson’s forthright interventions evoked curiosity; the overall concern always levitating at a certain height and encompassing a wideness while pursuing an integral spirit all through. Right in the prescribed path: heightening, widening, and integration, as it were.

    Nolini, Purani, Amrita, Pavitra – great as they are – but are poorer by not having a chance to read the rich discourse that SCIY harbored. Even the Heehs imbroglio that raged for over a year brought out unexpressed dimensions of theory as well as practice in the open, the finer threads of which would be explored in the years to come.

    With its founder-editor dead, and it metamorphosing into a more conventional site, albeit with an ultra-futuristic theme, SCIY, like Arya, comes to an end. Its illustrious career would remain a beckon of light for a long time. Ideological commitment may have prevented its contributors to espouse the idea of religion openly, but the way the journal ran is in the best of religious spirit. SCIY is dead, long live SCIY. [TNM]