Saturday, August 08, 2009

Alterity, comparative philosophy, and colonialism

CFP: Levinas and Asian Thought from Continental Philosophy by Farhang Erfani
Call for Papers: Levinas and Asian Thought Edited by Leah Kalmanson, Frank Garrett, and Sarah Mattice

Comparative philosophy has often reached out to major figures within the continental European tradition, resulting in such successful publications as Heidegger and Asian Thought and Nietzsche and Asian Thought. In recent years, the editors of the present volume have noted a growing number of journal articles and conference presentations exploring connections between Emmanuel Levinas and various Asian philosophies. The time is ripe for an essay collection that will help highlight and bring into focus this developing field of inquiry. We invite submissions addressing any one of many possible topics falling under the theme of Levinas and Asian thought, including but certainly not limited to:

* Alterity, inter-subjectivity, and the relational self. * The implications of Buddhist “no-self” for alterity. For example, does no-self imply, in any way, no-other? * Alterity and the family in Levinas and Confucian role ethics. * Infinity and nothingness in Levinas and Kyoto School philosophy. * Being, non-being, and “otherwise than being” in Levinas and Daoism. * Alterity, as articulated in either non-dualist or dualist schools in Indian philosophy. * Alterity and the problematizing of comparativist projects. For example, is the “other” philosopher always the non-western one? * Critique directed at Levinas’s own accounts of Asian “others.” * Alterity, comparative philosophy, and colonialism. * Levinas, Asian traditions, and feminist discourse. * Comparative explorations of Levinas’s Judaism and the religions of Asia. * Levinas, Asian thought, and environmental ethics or animal studies. For example, how might an Asian tradition help us think through the idea of a non-human other?

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