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Essays on Consciousness and Interpretation by J.N. Mohanty

Essays on Consciousness and Interpretation
Edited with an Introduction by Tara Chatterjee
Mohanty and Tara Chatterjee Oxford University Press
Add to Cart ISBN13: 9780195698510 ISBN10: 0195698517 Hardback, 168 pages
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J.N. Mohanty is one of the most distinguished philosophers India has produced in recent years. Written mostly in the 21st century, this collection deals with the nature of consciousness and its interpretation. Starting from the concept of consciousness as an event in time, he investigates the notion of consciousness as a social phenomenon. The temporality and historicity of consciousness are also emphasized. He examines experiences from various walks of life, from religion to quantum physics, from interpretation of perception to that of sacred Indian texts to demonstrate his theory. The introduction locates Mohanty's work in the larger context of philosophical discourses in the West and India. Product Details 168 pages; ISBN13: 978-0-19-569851-0 ISBN10: 0-19-569851-7 About the Author(s) J.N. Mohanty is Professor (Retd), Department of Philosophy, Temple University, Philadelphia

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The Self and Its Other by Jitendranath/ Mohanty, J. N. Mohanty (Paperback - 2001)
Explorations in Philosophy: Indian Philosophy by Jitendranath; Mohanty, J.N.; Gupta, Bina Mohanty (Paperback - 2001)
Relativism, Suffering and Beyond: Essays in Memory of Bimal K. Matilal by P. Bilimoria, Jitendranath Mohanty, Purusottama Bilimoria J. N. Mohanty (Paperback - 1997)
Nicolai Hartmann and Alfred North Whitehead;: A study in recent platonism by Jitendranath Mohanty (Unknown Binding - 1957)
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Essays on Consciousness and Interpretation by J. N. Mohanty (edited with an Introduction by Tara Chatterjea) (Oxford University Press, 2009, forthcoming)

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