Thursday, April 09, 2009

Religious Experience and the End of Metaphysics

Mar 29, 2009 What is Metaphysics? from Gaia Community: kelamuni's Blog
Wilber/Cohen "dialogue" on integral post-metaphysics and the myth of the given. Wilber on the possiblity of a post-metaphysical spirituality: a response to Habermas Wilber Integral Post-Metaphysics__________Habermas' essay Post-Metaphysical Thinking._____________Rorty's interview, "Toward a Post-metaphysical Culture."_____________Wilfred Sellars Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind. in which he discusses the "myth of the given."______________Editor's Introduction to Collingwood's Essay on Metaphysics. Notes on Collingwood's Essay on Metaphysics._______Immanuel Kant's Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics Article on Kant and metaphysics. Article on Kant's critique of metaphysics._________Martin Heidegger Identity and Difference. Resource guide to "ontotheology."________Article on Derrida and Metaphysics Article on Derrida and Metaphysics Overview of Speech and Phenomena Lecture on Speech and Phenomena Article on Logocentrism Article on Derrida on Levinas_________Article on Wittgenstein Essay Wittgenstein's Tractatus and metaphysics Article Wittgenstein, Metaphysics, Theology, Metaphor Essay Wittgenstein, Frege and Meaning Essay Wittgenstein, Religion, Metaphysics Wittgenstein and Gadamer________Review article: "Religious Experience and the End of Metaphysics."

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