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The oncoming Truth is imminent and so powerful that it will smash to pieces all that is traditional and old

The Need for PreparationPRAPATTI In Mother’s Light - Nov-04.pdf

The present moment of the earth that we are living in , seems to be more auspicious than inauspicious, benevolent, propitious, and the harbinger of the Truth to be manifested. Sri Aurobindo has called this the ‘Hour of God’. In this hour the Divine Himself takes the form of man and moves among them, His Immortal Glorious Light engulfs humanity raising them upwards trying to transform them. The Mother very recently has given a message: ‘The Light of Truth is brooding over the world to permeate and mould its future.’ Today, the whole world is overcast with the Light of Truth. This will penetrate and build future of the earth. The oncoming Truth is imminent and so powerful that it will smash to pieces all that is traditional and old as if creating a vacuum in its place. But all those who are conscious let them hold on to this Truth with a strong belief and faith in their life, and try to establish this in their worldly lives alert and actively. That is why Mother is asking "Are you ready?"

Then what does this ‘ready’ mean? Instead of elaborating on this I just want to cite a few examples. There is no preparation, no endeavour however great sufficient enough to receive the Grace of the Divine. But this very effort of man, his determination, aspiration are the means through which the Grace descends and is able to establish itself in the personal as well as the collective life. When Light, Knowledge, Power and Ananda descend from above if the individual is not conscious, if the body has not prepared itself to give the opportunity to hold them, then the grace recedes back. The Truth and Light descend according to their own rules and so if the proper conditions are not fulfilled and the base has not been prepared, then they once again return back.

Truth will only establish itself according to the laws of Truth it cannot establish itself where there is baseness, darkness, ugliness, and mire. For this importance has been laid on repeated effort, attempt and alertness on the part of the individual thereby making himself prepared to hold the Truth. Those who really want to lead a life guided by the Light and Force of the Truth, make their lives fearless and joyful then they must follow certain principles in their everyday lives. It is very easy to proclaim oneself a Bhakta and a Devotee; but to really live a life which is pure, untainted, full of fire, aspiring carrying oneself forward is something different. The three great touchstones in the path of sadhana aspiration, surrender, and rejection should become a necessity. This has been elaborately discussed in the first part of "Yoga and Sadhana" and "Sri Aurobindo-Lokasahitya" by Babaji Maharaj. The sadhak has to form the habit to read these books daily and follow them with a strong will.

First and foremost one must make it a habit to meditate everyday at least for 20 to 30 minutes. Along with Aspiration, Surrender and Rejection Meditation also helps the individual in the sadhana. Through meditation one is able to calm the agitated, perturbed and disturbing mind for sometime. One can achieve concentration. Of course some claim that the moment they sit down to meditate the thoughts begin to run here and there. In the first stage of meditation waves of thoughts disturb the mind but through a strong will and by calling upon the divine force, meditation becomes deep and quiet and one can experience the force working upon the different parts of the body But one requires a strong determination, habit and a relentless effort to continue. It is utterly essential that each sadhak carries this out seriously. Babaji Maharaj in his book "To the members of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle" has clearly explained an easy way and also how to meditate.

Secondly it is essential to read all works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Yoga and Sadhana. These books reveal the extraordinary full of divine knowledge spiritual renderings. In the present age which is full of books that preach and sermonize these books are not merely books or yoga literature, but hidden within them is a spiritual force, Truth, Light, and Vision. These scriptures will greatly help the sadhaks in moulding their lives integrally. The intellectuals, writers, poets, the litterateur, the learned,the common man, teachers and students can benefit largely by reading these books. All those who have plunged themselves in this sunlit path of integral yoga must fall into the habit to read them at least for half an hour

Thirdly it is most important to carry out every work with the feeling of surrender. Surrender is the sole basis of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga; for it is only through surrender that the Divine force descends upon the human body takes the responsibility of the sadhak and enables the transformation of the body. What is difficult to achieve through mantra, tantra, vows, pranayam and worldly wise ways can easily be gained simply through surrender. Sadhana without surrender has no meaning in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. One must not only surrender oneself but also what one is and has at the feet of the Divine. The more one Surrenders oneself to the Divine the more one gets closer to the Divine and feels the presence of the Divine. The method of surrender has been elaborately and briefly described in the books "Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga Sadhana" and "To the members of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle" by Babaji Maharaj.

Fourth in this worldly path the only way one can receive Divine Grace is through satsang. If one neglects these satsangs then neither can one make any progress nor be ardent in sadhana. Each Study Circle is infact a Satsang group.

If one can abide by these conditions strictly and at the same time keep one’s aspiration, inner faith, and certitude living then the sadhak is able to establish a strong relationship with the Mother. If we merely voice our thoughts that we are the Mother’s children, so the Mother must protect us from all the evils of this world then we are making baseless and futile demands. It is essential that we must do some certain work for The Mother as Her children. This attitude should not be superficial, meaningless and a passing thought but should arise from the depths/core of the inner being. The moment we truly feel that we are the children of the Mother, then we realise that the work we were anxious to do has been easily accomplished. It is not the human being but the Divine who first descends towards man and upholds him; because man is ignorant and stupid. "He who chooses the Infinite has been chosen by the Infinite."

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