Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Panopticon and hypertext

"Towards the imaginary radical Home The text in the virtual hypertext" Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Disappearance of text

At the time of the panopticon the most comprehensive collection of the Hypertext, suddenly we see nothing of the imaginary meanings at work in the text, we are seeing any arbitrariness at the same time as the deep need.

All links that enrich the language hypertext now tend to recognize in the hypertextualité the ability to make the text too low, even absent, to create the text accordingly (hypertext to the power -1) in his absence, then ressouvenir to be in place and this lack of time, to finally accomplish its meaning until last in a strange and definitive disappearance of its form. Le texte hypertextualisé se métamorphose. The text hypertextualisé metamorphoses.

And this absentement will now come to haunt hypertext in each of the applications that it will install on the text. This is where it all happens. Because hypertext reaches its perfection in the total disappearance of the text that leads to the higher power. That, it seems, in the absolute absence of the text realized that the time panopticon of hypertext occurs. If, ultimately, in the presence of this perfect disappearance text just haunt the screen can be thrown the dice: Then the unexpected happened time panopticon, in a total contingency movements, and meanings that makes the Hypertext takes shape and ordered its deep need.

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