Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No familiarity with the Frankfurt School or critical theory

Critical Individuations May 2, 2007 • For those interested in some of the issues I’ve been discussing with respect to individuation here at Larval Subjects, I wanted to draw attention to a terrific new blog, Grundlegung. Grundlegung addresses– far more adequately –a number of the issues of self-reflexivity and historicization that I’ve been gropingly attempting to approach with my own theoretical tools (I suspect that many of my difficulties are exacerbated by having next to no familiarity with the Frankfurt School or critical theory, though apparently my thought falls somehow in this trajectory of thought). Not only is Grundlegung a beautiful writer, but he is also developing an exceptionally exciting conceptual trajectory...Throw him some love and poke around his blog a bit. Like N.Pepperell and Joseph Kugelmass, he’s one I’d like to see continue writing so I can steal his ideas! ~ by larvalsubjects on May 2, 2007. Difference and Givenness Levi Bryant

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