Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swimming against the tide of history

grant said... Sri Aurobindo has written some interesting tracts which, like your blog, mix spirituality and politics. One of them is "War and the Human Cycle," which lays out a theory which ties war to human evolution.
Aurobindo sees that personal evolution also has a corollary in group evolution, which has tended towards greater and greater units of measure: for instance, tribes give rise to village coalitions, which give rise to the city-states, which leads to alliences of city-states, which gives rise to nations. Nations unify to form empires (Roman, etc.)
All of these processes are mostly accomplished and solidified through warfare.The next logical step is the global nation-state, which should properly be governed by the United States. This would be a practical reality if all nations were free market democracies with trading ties, with the bulk of nuclear power consolidated under US control.
Today's main sticking points holding back global unity are Islamic religious governments and those nations with dictatorships. If Aurobindonian political theory holds true, then these entities are hold-outs which are swimming against the tide of history and should (and will be) eliminated, probably throught warfare although the possibility of peaceful conversion is there as well.
So, there you have it. An attack by Iran on us, or by us against Iran, is therefore a near certainty, and war cannot be deflected by any efforts to the contrary, but only delayed. 1:51 PM
geckofeeder said...Grant, thanks for that synopsis of Aurobindo's. Sure glad to know someone like you is teaching kids. Where's Gagboy? 3:09 PM

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  1. I think Black Adder had the last word on this topic. UTTER CRAPP.
    For a very sober, completely contrary, spiritually informed view re the state of the world body politic ---or the origins & consequences of the universal insanity please check out: